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    MICROSOFT 365 By Peter Deegan There’s no need to pay for Microsoft’s Copilot when there are now various ways to use it together with Microsoft Office
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      Does the Free Copilot rely on ChatGPT 3.5 or 4?

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      I will wait several years to see if the paid versions still exist and then read the expert reviews. As a home user, I just don’t have time to spend on this now. Thanks for spending your time and effort on this unnecessary subject.

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      Not the least bit interested in CoPilot at this point. Seems to be in the infant stages with lots of improvements still needed. As a home user, I have yet to really see a usefulness to it right now.

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      Thanks Peter. I asked Copilot its opinion on Windows 11 and got the following answer. Not too bad and I see how such a tool can be useful!

      “Opinions about Windows 11 vary, and it’s not a straightforward answer. Let me provide you with some perspectives:

      Positive Aspects of Windows 11:
      Solid Operating System: Many users find Windows 11 to be a solid, stable, and fast operating system. It’s comparable to Windows 10 and even beloved predecessors like Windows 7 1.
      Better Hardware Support: Windows 11 offers improved support for the latest hardware, which can be appealing for those with new computers 1.

      Reasons to Stick with Windows 10:
      Hardware Requirements: Windows 11 has faced criticism due to its new hardware requirements. Some users may need to buy a new PC to run it, which can be a deterrent 2.
      Interface Changes: While Windows 11 isn’t drastically different from Windows 10, some users miss certain aspects of the older interface. Change can be challenging, especially for long-time Windows users 2.
      Windows 10’s Success: Windows 10 got many things right, and some users prefer sticking with what they know and love 2.

      In summary, Windows 11 has its merits, but if you’re content with Windows 10 and don’t want to invest in new hardware, sticking with the familiar might be the way to go. Keep in mind that Microsoft will no longer support Windows 10 after October 14, 2025, so eventually, an upgrade will be necessary for security reasons 2. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences and needs!”

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      I see how such a tool can be useful!

      I don’t.
      I could with a search get the same results and judge for myself the quality of answers.

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