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    I’ve seen them for quite a while, but didn’t bother me. Until today. Checked one of the machines at the office and noted them folders again. For users that have left the company some time ago. Their user profile has gone long time ago, but they still live on in C:\ProgramData folder. A quick look reveals they contain Teams-data. Can be removed safely, but it’s a bit sloppy? Userdata belongs in a user’s profile….

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      Were the users local admins? Standard users shouldn’t have write access to C:\ProgramData.

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      I’m not sure I fully understand your question.

      What exactly are you seeing and where?  I assume you refer to a sub-folder under C:\ProgramData – but where is it and what is it named.

      I’ve a million folders in \ProgramData but none that I can identify as belonging to a particular user – but if I don’t know what I’m looking for I don’t know where to look….


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      Please provide the full-path filenames (with any user name removed) or a snapshot of the directory in question (with any user name removed).

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      Sorry, should have been more clear on the folder names. Well, the folders under C:\ProgramData have the same name as the user logon name. I.e. the same folder name you’ll find in C:\Users. For example, user a.user has a folder named C:\Users\a.user for the Windows user profile. If that user happens to use Teams, then Teams (I guess) creates a folder C:\ProgramData\a.user. If a.user is removed from AD, then that person’s user profile will be removed within a month from the machines he / she has used, as per Group Policy. However, the folder created by Teams remains.

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