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    Not sure just where to post this.
    In my user profile, the ‘topics’ line is this, icons, no text.

    I’ve spot-checked a couple of others’ profiles, and they have both icons and text.

    Is this difference intentional, or have I missed a preference setting somewhere?

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    • #2404185

      This is what I see looking at your profile. No labels, just icons.


      • #2404199

        I think everyone’s profile page is afflicted by the “unnecessary yellow bullets” that spoilt other pages when the current theme was introduced.

        I sometimes get labels which immediately disappear.

        Windows 10 Pro version 21H2 build 19044.1499 + Microsoft 365 (group ASAP)

      • #2404227

        Thank you PKCano. This is curious indeed.
        I’ve checked quite a few others’ profiles: everyone else I’ve looked at, whether Manager, Lounger-only or Plus-subscriber, has texts.
        My encouragers always told me that I was someone special – they were too kind to say ‘odd’.

        • #2404229

          I’ve looked at, whether Manager, Lounger-only or Plus-subscriber, has texts.

          I don’t.

          Chrome 97 beta.

    • #2404236

      My profile doesn’t show text, but does show tool tips when hovering mouse over icon. Maybe the first profiles changed had fixed text and latter changed design to turn fixed text into tool tips.


      HTH, Dana:>>

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      • #2404378

        Same here.

        If you mention Botox nowadays nobody raises an eyebrow...

    • #2404262

      Additional analyses –
      Comparing Firefox 61 (my regular), FF 95 (test), Chrome 96

      As displayed to me, does Profile for the user show text along with the icons?



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      • #2404382

        How come my profile shows text to you but not to me ?

        • #2404401

          Hah! It’s not my problem! This is kinda why I posted the original observation.
          Where’s the difference? ‘Tis for the mighty programmers to discern. It’s not that important in the grand scheme of things, so maybe, eventually, the differences will fade into the mists. (Following OscarCP’s prose pattern.)

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    • #2404478

      Seems to me that it’s a function of context and the way things work in this system. When it’s your own profile and you are logged in, you have 7 icons instead of the five when you display someone else’s profile. From your own profile, you have 2 additional functions (Subscriptions and Edit), which you can modify as well as display. Perhaps it is assumed that if you are logged into your own profile that you know the meanings of the icons without needing the text.

      Just my 2 cents worth…


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