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    Could  someone please shed some light on the following mystery (to me), on why the above program will not re-install from the original disc.

    When I built my PC mid-2021, I installed my favourite programs – including the above – from the original media.   PD 4.0 has worked on my PC up until about 5/6 months ago, when it started to malfunction.   I eventually decided to uninstall and re-install it, however the PC starts the process and after authorising the change, the CD runs for a little while and then stops.   There is no error message or anything from Windows.   It appears that the Windows PC will just not accept it.

    The same program is running on my Laptop, without issue.

    The details of the two machines are : PC   –   Win 10 Home, V:21H1 (8/8/2021), OS Build: 19043.2006.

    Laptop : Win 10 Pro, V: 21H2 (28/5/2021), Build 19044.2006.

    I suspected at first that a Windows update on the PC had killed PD 4.0, but couldn’t see an update at that time.

    Any thoughts on why this has happened would be appreciated.  Please – no comments on the age of the software/getting a more up to date editing program etc.

    I am only trying to work out why one machine ran the software and then wouldn’t, whilst the other (laptop) still does.

    Thank you.


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      Please – no comments on the age of the software/getting a more up to date editing program etc.

      FWIW, rest assured, you or anyone else will never hear comments such as these from me.

      Unfortunately, I am unable to shed any light on your issue for you but I do hope someone here will be able to.  I sincerely hope you will be able be able to get many more years and mileage out of PD 4.0 and look forward to reading about a successful resolution.

      As I always say, just because something is new, doesn’t mean it’s better. As long as whatever it is allows you to do what you need it to do for your situation, then that’s the only real thing that matters.

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      I eventually decided to uninstall and re-install it

      How did you uninstall ? If using Microsoft build uninstall then the process most likely left folder, registry entries…
      You use either publisher’s proprietary uninstallers or 3rd party uninstallers like GeekUninstaller, Revo Uninstaler.. that will take care of orphan folders and registry entries.

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        Thanks for your response.

        It was many sleeps ago now that I did the uninstall, but I usually just use the ‘Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall’ method, which I assume is what is called “Microsoft build uninstall”.

        I will try one of the 3rd party ones to see if that fixes it and post the results.

        Thank you.

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      Can you open the CD on another computer – perhaps it’s faulty, or might need a clean.

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      Well, my apologies up front for the unexplainable result that has meant I have wasted respondents’ time.

      I downloaded and installed a free (“top 10 uninstaller”) program, tried it, found it did not give any instruction on how to use it, plus it installed 3 or 4 unwanted applications.

      I uninstalled the lot.

      I then started the Photodeluxe 4.0 disc again so that I could detail how far it went into the installation process to reply to access-mdb’s post.

      Lo and behold, the installation went to its completion and I now have Photodeluxe 4.0 running on my PC again!   I don’t know how many times I have tried the same thing in the past, without success.

      Thank you all, again, for responding.   I am now a happy man again.

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      i use photodeluxe on pc windows 98 windows 7 and windows 10 , for 3 days noj opened on windows 7 , i went crazy i tried everything , increase virtual ram, open with compatibility method, but nothing !!, today i found the solution , I uninstalled 6 or 7 useless programs that I had installed in the last few weeks, some of these didn’t let me open photo deluxe, I didn’t even start the installation from cd rom, I also tried to install with back up from total uninstal software, but it didn’t work, only by uninstalling some software, now it works

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