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    Hi folks:

    Is anyone here using the paid (home) version of Macrium Reflect 7 ?

    I’m having trouble determining some of the options/settings for the installation of the program….specifically:  which RE or PE options + any other settings I need to be concerned with, based on my system and future use

    My OS:  Windows 10 x64 1909

    Bios:  Asus (UEFI) with onboard support for WiFi, USB 3.0

    Hardware:  Optical Burner

    Destination for backup:  USB 3.0 Flash Thumb Drive

    All help would be appreciated.


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      I wanted to add some information to my original post that I left out.

      Part of my confusion is that my download machine is different than my install machine (which doesn’t have internet).  While both are Windows 10 1909 x64, the download one is a “Home” version, if that even matters.

      From what I read on the Macrium website, when you do this, you have to download the necessary components for the target machine, and then move those to the target machine and activate.

      Again, the issue is that those “components” have a dizzying amount of RE and PE options.

      Reference:  https://knowledgebase.macrium.com/display/KNOW72/Installing%2Band%2Bupdating%2BMacrium%2BReflect%2Boffline




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      “Installer only” is the correct download.
      You can build a rescue USB on the internet connected machine and use it on both.

      cheers, Paul

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        You can’t always create recovery media on one machine and use it on another.  You frequently encounter driver issues. I learned this the hard way. However, it does work frequently.

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      Thanks Paul.  If you want to, could you explain the whole PE option.. is that for different  hardware?

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      @ Mike Miles

      You might find this reference helpful.

      Down towards the bottom, it talks about the various PE’s (Preinstallation Environment), and RE’s (Recovery Environment) and the OS where these were first introduced.

      Has recommendations on which PE or RE should be used for various OS’s, and what function(s) are available–esp. USB 3 support.

      One has to read it real slow to take it all in, and understand it all …


      Thanks for your reference above on how to get needed files using an online computer, and then using those downloads to create the needed Rescue Media on an offline computer–useful information.

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