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    This is the body of an email I sent to Deanna McElveen a day or two ago. She urged me to send it to the ASKWOODY Forum, so here goes:

    My name is Myron Kuziak, and I am a computer geek (but used to be lawyer in Saskatchewan, Canada) and now have been retired from all legal connections since 1997, with my full-time occupations being world travel and photography.

    I discovered the ASKWOODY website because I knew about Woody Leonhard and likely had a subscription to his site, which is how I found ASKWOODY and then ran into your download service.

    I have particularly enjoyed your role in or with the ASKWOODY BLOG and website and have been following your contributions for quite a few years to date. Please keep up the good work.

    The meat of this email:

    I have just found a combination of software that enables me to keep extensive notes about my wandering about the internet using several different pieces of software I got from you. These are a simple combination of Biniware Run and plain ordinary Windows Notepad.

    I can create numerous Notepad files which I call Quicknote-1.text, Quicknote#2.text and For Quick Temporary Notes Only.text (these are merely examples) to keep notes in (they are stored in the same folder I store text files created with Notepad++ which are automatically given a .txt ending and stored in a folder I call Notepad++-files, which all have a Notepad++ icon. Since I deliberately used the .text ending for Notepad files, they are also stored directly in my Notepad++-files folder, but with a Notepad icon to differentiate them from the Notepad++ text files.

    I then use the Biniware Run utility I got from you to access those Notepad files without having to set up individual links to them on the desktop or to get to them using Windows Explorer. I do this by creating a link list accessed via the Biniware Run program Icon which is always available on my display on top of any running program or from the desktop itself This works much faster and better IMHO than using the Notesman utility to do the same thing.

    Has anyone else done this to your knowledge?

    Myron Kuziak

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