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      • #2304917
        AskWoody Plus

        Make VTOY_DEFAULT_IMAGE avaliable in both ListView mode and TreeView mode
        Add VTOY_TREE_VIEW_MENU_STYLE option in global control plugin
        Change the default resolution to 1024×768
        Pass ventoy runtime parameter to OS by ACPI table
        Fix issue #521 (blackarch 2020.06.01 boot fail)
        Fix issue #516 (archlinux 2020.10.01 boot fail in UEFI mode)
        Fix issue #512 (file with name .iso)
        Fix Parabola EFI booting (PR #508)
        Fix a bug when booting VentoyLiveCD iso
        New iso support
        blackarch-linux-live-2020.06.01-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        archlinux-2020.10.01-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        GeckoLinux_STATIC_Mate.x86_64-152.200726.0.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        fossapup64-9.5.iso (Legacy + UEFI)

        Moderator edit: changed thread title to remove version number.

      • #2305099
        Paul T
        AskWoody MVP

        And Ventoy is?

        cheers, Paul

      • #2305108
        AskWoody MVP

        version 1.0.24 is out anyway, which was released yesterday 17th Oct…..keep up!

        W10, the itch you simply cannot scratch!
      • #2305359
        AskWoody Plus

        And Ventoy is?

        cheers, Paul

        Ventoy is 10x better than Rufus.

      • #2305397
        AskWoody MVP

        For those who do not know:
        Ventoy is a multi-ISO installer/creator that can be used with one USB device for various different iso’s for installation.
        One can copy many iso files at a time and ventoy will give you a boot menu to select them on device booting for live booting or installation.
        more info on the developers github page
        Alex, wouldn’t it serve better to have one post that is updated with each revision?

        W10, the itch you simply cannot scratch!
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      • #2305419
        Paul T
        AskWoody MVP

        Alex, please add a description of the product to these posts so people not in the know may benefit from them.

        cheers, Paul

      • #2305715
        AskWoody Plus

        Alex, wouldnโ€™t it serve better to have one post that is updated with each revision?

        Yes, I should have.

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        • #2305729
          AskWoody MVP

          I find that making an update topic using this method can save lots of time for everyone.
          Firstly choose the TOOLS section and create a Topic
          1. Name the topic i.e. Ventoy USB utility Update (TIP: don’t use dates or versions in the title)
          2. Give a good initial description of the utility for all to understand (we are not all proficient in technicalities or PC’s)
          3. Add some relevant tags so the search facility will find it quick.
          4. then it’s just update that specific topic with each revision.
          This helps everyone instead of wading through all the pages in the TOOLS section
          Show us what you can do ๐Ÿ˜‰

          W10, the itch you simply cannot scratch!
          • This reply was modified 6 months, 3 weeks ago by Microfix.
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          • #2305732

            3. Add some relevant tags insothat the search facility will find it quick.

            … but only use real words. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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            • #2305793
              AskWoody Plus

              3. Add some relevant tags insothat the search facility will find it quick. โ€ฆ but only use real words. ๐Ÿ˜‰

              C’mon now, it’s a perfectly cromulent word.

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      • #2306160
        AskWoody Plus

        Ventoy 1.0.25

        Add image list plugin. Notes
        Optimization for Linux vDisk boot in Legacy BIOS mode. vtoyboot-1.0.1 release Notes
        Support different themes for Legacy BIOS mode and UEFI mode. Notes
        Fix bug for VTOY_DEFAULT_IMAGE in TreeView mode when VTOY_DEFAULT_SEARCH_ROOT was set.
        New iso support:

        kali-linux-2020.3-installer-amd64.iso (Legacy + UEFI)

      • #2308829
        AskWoody Plus

        2020/10/31 — 1.0.27 release

        New Boot Conf Replace Plugin to dynamically modify the boot options in configuration file. Notes
        Add an menu to enter Text Mode in F5 Tools ==> Screen Display Mode
        Fix issue #555 (treeview mode VTOY_DEFAULT_IMAGE ineffective in special case)
        vtoyboot-1.0.4 release. Notes
        New iso support
        2020-02-12-rpd-x86-buster.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        FreeBSD-12.1-RELEASE-amd64-bootonly.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        FreeBSD-12.2-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso (Legacy)

      • #2311844
        AskWoody MVP

        Ventoy 1.0.28 release Nov 14, 2020

        1. Add -L option in to set the label of 1st partition (default is ventoy)
        2. Expansion for option VTOY_DEFAULT_IMAGE (e.g. F4>Search and boot Windows). Notes
        3. Persistence support for Kaspersky Rescue Disk Notes
        4. Prohibit the use of Ventoy in unofficial environments. Notes
        5. vtoyboot-1.0.5 release. Notes
        6. New ISO support
        siduction-patience-nox-amd64-latest.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        tails-amd64-4.12.iso (Legacy + UEFI)


        W10, the itch you simply cannot scratch!
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      • #2313061
        AskWoody Plus

        Ventoy 1.0.29


        Image file name now can contain space and unicode characters(Chinese/Japanese/Korean …).

        Add Driver Update Disk (DUD) plugin. Notes

        Skip Ventoy EFI part when searching for bootx64.efi (issue #592)

        Display a warning message when booting a non-bootable WIM file

        Add -l command in to display Ventoy information in disk.

      • #2319149
        AskWoody Plus

        Ventoy 1.0.30


        Add experimental support for IA32 UEFI (ia32-efi). Notes
        Add experimental support for ARM64 UEFI (aarch64-efi). Notes
        Expand dual mode option to multi-mode option. Notes
        Add a simple Password plugin. Notes
        Fix a bug in Ventoy2Disk.exe for 2TB+ disk (issue #614)
        Keep the Secure Boot Support option when update Ventoy. (issue #630)
        Add class property for submenu of Ventoy UEFI Utilities
        New iso support (total 580+)

        TrueNAS-12.0-RELEASE.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        primeos_mainline_0.4.5.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        avira-rescue-system.iso (Legacy + UEFI)

        Ventoy Live CD

      • #2322409
        AskWoody Plus

        Ventoy 1.0.31 changelog:

        Fix a bug in Ventoy2Disk.exe for 2TB+ disk
        Fix a bug when use workaround for Legacy BIOS access limitation.
        Fix a bug about source media missing when boot rhel 8.3/CentOS 8.3
        Rebuild some x86_64 binraries with musl-libc to avoid virus false positive. (issue #660)
        Change default label from ventoy to Ventoy in (PR #656)

        New iso support (total 580+)

        blackarch-linux-full-2020.12.01-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        anarchy-1.3.1-x86_64.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        austrumi64-4.3.3.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        austrumi-3.4.7.iso (Legacy)

        Some A/V software may display false positive when installing Ventoy2Disk.exe

      • #2326268
        AskWoody Plus

        Ventoy 1.0.32 released

        Ventoy 1.0.32 changelog:

        Linux vhd/vdi/raw file now is bootable in both Legacy BIOS mode and UEFI mode. Notes
        vtoyboot-1.0.7 release. Notes
        Add support for DragonFly BSD distro
        Fix a bug when booting wifislax64-2.1-final.iso
        New iso support (total 600+)

        MX-18.3_386.iso (Legacy)
        MX-18.3_x64.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        bitdefender.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        dfly-x86_64-5.8.3_REL.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        dfly-x86_64-5.8.2_REL.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        dfly-x86_64-5.8.1_REL.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        dfly-x86_64-5.8.0_REL.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        dfly-x86_64-5.6.3_REL.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        dfly-x86_64-5.6.0_REL.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        dfly-x86_64-5.4.3_REL.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        dfly-x86_64-5.4.0_REL.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        dfly-x86_64-5.2.2_REL.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        dfly-x86_64-5.0.2_REL.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        dfly-x86_64-5.0.0_REL.iso (Legacy + UEFI)

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      • #2336452
        AskWoody Plus

        Ventoy 1.0.33 released

        Add support for Keyboard layout F5 Tools —> Keyboard Layouts
        Add support for boot Linux vDisk file from other bootloaders. Notes
        Add persistence support for Kali/CloneZilla
        Fix a bug when using workaround for Legacy BIOS access limitation in GPT partition style
        Fix a bug when using -l (PR #703)
        New iso support (total 600+)
        Clover-5128-X64.iso (UEFI)
        austrumi64-4.3.5.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        slacko64-7.0.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        bionicpup32-8.0-uefi.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        ldiag_4.37.0_linux.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        LinuxRa1n-V3.4_Ultimate.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        checkra1n-0.12.1_linux_live.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        ubuntu-20.10-live-server-arm64.iso (ARM64 UEFI)
        ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-arm64.iso (ARM64 UEFI)
        ubuntu-18.04.5-server-arm64.iso (ARM64 UEFI)

      • #2345535
        AskWoody Plus

        2021/02/08 — 1.0.35 release (Happy Spring Festival)

        Display a tip when scanning files.
        Optimization for booting TinyCore series distros.
        Fix a bug about invalid iso file size false positive in i386-pc
        Optimization for vtoyboot when secureboot is enabled.
        New iso support
        Arcabit Rescue Disk (arca-rescue.iso) (Legacy)

      • #2346657
        AskWoody Plus

        Ventoy 1.0.36 released

        Ventoy 1.0.36 changelog:

        Experimental Linux GUI based on web browser. Notes

        Align the partitions with 4KB by default when install Ventoy. (improvement for Legacy BIOS compatibility)

        Add a ๐Ÿ”’ icon to identify secure boot option in Ventoy2Disk.exe.

        Add a Show All Devices option in Ventoy2Disk.exe.

        Ventoy2Disk.exe doesn’t check partition active flag anymore.

        Optimization for

        languages.ini update

        Add support for nbd device in (PR #746)

      • #2348500
        AskWoody Plus

        Ventoy 1.0.37 released

        Ventoy 1.0.37 changelog:

        Experimental support for loongson mips64el UEFI. Notes

        Add script for Deepin/UOS. Notes

        Add VTOY_MAX_SEARCH_LEVEL option in global control plugin. Notes

        Improvement for UEFI boot compatibility.

        remove the ASSERT warning in UEFI mode when boot fail.

        use uname -m to detect architecture in shell script (PR #774)

        Change the partition configuration dialogbox layout in Ventoy2Disk.exe to fit text area (issue #769)

        languages.ini update

        Document: Ventoy Search Configuration

      • #2351164
        AskWoody Plus

        Ventoy 1.0.38

        Ventoy 1.0.38 changelog:

        Optimization for

        Fix a bug for image_blacklist plugin

        Add VTOY_FILE_FLT_XXX option in control plugin. Notes

        languages.ini update

        New iso support(total 650+)

        openEuler-20.03-LTS-SP1-x86_64-dvd.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        FreeBSD-13.0-RC2-amd64-disc1.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        tails-amd64-4.16.img (Legacy + UEFI)

      • #2353799
        AskWoody Plus

        Ventoy 1.0.39

        Ventoy 1.0.39 changelog:

        Add VTOY_DEFAULT_KBD_LAYOUT option in global control plugin. Notes
        Add F7 hotkey for text mode. Notes
        Add a workaround for buggy bootloader’s out-of-range access
        Support latest CentOS Stream 8 distro. (#799)
        languages.ini update

        New iso support

        veket_20.10.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        CentOS-Stream-8-x86_64-20210311-dvd1.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        Porteus-3.2-UD-i586-20170206.iso (Legacy)
        kerio-control-installer-9.3.5-4367.iso (Legacy)

      • #2356838
        AskWoody Plus

        Ventoy 1.0.40 released.

        Ventoy 1.0.40 changelog:
        persistence support for Fedora series. Notes
        persistence support for ArchLinux series (Arch/ArchMan/ArchBang/BlackArch…). Notes
        Fixup a bug when booting special Windows/WinPE ISO file.
        Add a workaround for #815
        Support RHEL6/CentOS6 auto install
        Clear input key before show main menu. (#824)

        languages.ini update

      • #2359467
        AskWoody Plus

        Ventoy 1.0.41

        2021/04/21 — 1.0.41 release

        Add support for OpenWrt IMG file. Notes
        Add support for MidnightBSD 2.x release
        Add support for new GhostBSD release
        Fix a bug about source media missing when boot openEuler
        Fix a bug about source media missing when boot CentOS 8
        languages.ini update

        New image support (total 700+)

        openwrt-19.07.7-x86-64-combined-ext4.img (Legacy + UEFI)
        openwrt-19.07.7-x86-64-combined-squashfs.img (Legacy + UEFI)
        openwrt-19.07.7-x86-generic-combined-ext4.img (Legacy)
        openwrt-19.07.7-x86-generic-combined-squashfs.img (Legacy)
        GhostBSD-13-21.04.16.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        MidnightBSD-2.0.6–amd64-disc1.iso (Legacy + UEFI)
        MidnightBSD-2.0.6–i386-disc1.iso (Legacy)
        redos-MUROM-7.3-20210201-Everything-x86_64-DVD1.iso (Legacy + UEFI)

      • #2361043
        AskWoody Plus

        Ventoy 1.0.42

        Ventoy 1.0.42 changelog:

        Add * fuzzy matching for menu_alias/image_list/auto_install/persistence … plugins. Notes

        Add parent option in menu_class plugin. Notes

        Add F4boot F5tool builtin class in menu_class plugin.

        By default the submenu will use its parent’s class in F4 boot and F5 tool menu.

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