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    I’ve installed VeraCrypt on the Windows 10 Home laptop, just in case it’s stolen / lost – no, Windows won’t protect your data via your Windows password.

    As it’s time for a Windows update I fired up the backup software (Aomei free) to update the backup before changing anything.

    A long time later, error, backup failed, out of space on external disk.
    That made no sense as I’ve been backing up to that disk for a while. Check space on the disk and on the laptop, all looks OK. Must be a hiccup so I fired off the backup again.

    A long time later, error, backup failed, out of space on external disk.
    Turns out, Aomei looks at the disk directly somehow and bypasses Windows, so it could only see a full disk (it’s encrypted) and wanted to backup the entire 250GB.

    Time for a different backup product methinks.
    Uninstalled Aomei and installed Macrium free.
    Macrium can see the disk, partitions and used space as expected. Backup took 10 minutes.

    I’ve not tested the other free backup products yet – saving it for a rainy day.

    cheers, Paul

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      Tested 2 more backup programs with a Veracrypt encrypted system disk.

      Paragon Backup & Recovery: Sees disks correctly. Able to backup disks or Windows system.
      EaseUs ToDo: Disks appear as empty, same as Aomei.

      Paragon Backup & Recovery Community Edition is the easiest to use.
      Macrium Reflect free for the techies out there.

      If you don’t have an encrypted disk, Amoei or EaseUs are OK too.

      cheers, Paul

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        Tested MiniTool ShadowMaker free backup.
        Correctly sees the Windows installation for an image backup.
        Also includes file backup, schedules, file sync and disk clone.

        More features than both Paragon and Macrium, with an easy to use interface.

        cheers, Paul

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        Have you checked a recovery? Does incremental work?


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      Thanks for the quick review of backeruppers on encrypted disks.

      After ditching Acronis, Macrium Reflect has been my backup for years. In gratitude for usable backups and a painless experience i finally bought Reflect home edition last year.


      Win10 Pro 20H2,backups with Macrium Reflect home edition
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      I have found on rare occasions that a deleted full image still holds it space.  I have to use explorer and a file deleter to get rid of the occasional “deleted image”.

      "Take care of thy backups and thy restores shall take care of thee." Ben Franklin, revisted

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      Wondering what most folks will be doing when Macrium free goes away.

      Casey H.

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        Macrium free won’t stop working.

        I still use Acronis 2019 as I don’t like the new versions. It didn’t stop working.

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        Macrium Free support has already gone away.

        But it’s still available to use perpetually for as long as it works. Most likely for years to come.

        Windows 10 Pro 22H2

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      Maybe this isn’t the type of software that merits a concern, but if it’s no longer in support, could security issues come in to play?  If Windows goes out of support, the call is to update before the bad guys sneak in.

      Casey H.

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        It is only running when you make a backup so the only issues you care about are if it doesn’t make reliable backups, which it does.
        And there are other options at the top of this thread.

        cheers, Paul

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