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    ? says:

    just went through the Verizon Custom Experience. i used the opportunity to decline. see:

    if interested…

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      ? says:

      if helpful to those Verizon customers who want to switch of the new data gathering/tracking, a comment in this article from the verge suggests deleting the personal information before hitting the delete button.

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      @anon, thank you for posting this. As I have a Verizon account for my one landline and DSL, I did a little more digging.

      As far as I could tell, this “Verizon Customer Experience” is for some types of customers with smartphones, and not those of us with “basic phones.”


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      ? says:

      thank you, SueW. i don’t have internet\tv from verizon because of local franchise agreement. i do  ISP security settings through the dsl gateway and “smart” tv settings (Visio!). Unsure as to what  security\privacy settings can be mitigated on verizion FIOS since i’ve never used it. here is their privacy policy if you would enjoy perusing;

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      Before I got on my computer today, I was reading Apple News on my iPhone and read a similar article at Life Hacker:

      The above, Verizon’s privacy policy, etc….none of it applies to my situation. I have a Verizon Sim card for my iPhone but my carrier is Tracfone. (My ISP for internet on my computers and TV are franchise mandated to Charter/Spectrum…different from my phone). When I got this smart phone, three years ago, I chose Verizon Sim card because Verizon has the best coverage here but I think T-Mobile has just about as good coverage now but if I put in a T-Mobile Sim card, I’d still be using Tracfone on T-Mobile instead of on Verizon network.

      So, articles like these frustrate me as they are almost always about the major carriers and NOT about carriers that one may use that have bought space on one of the three major carriers. I’m not unhappy with Tracfone except if I need support (as the accents are usually very strong from their support team and I have never been good with accents). Tracfone app is not very helpful either. I was led to believe a while back, from a poorly researched article, that I would have access to Verizon app on my phone since the Sim card is a Verizon one. Sadly, that is not true.

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      ? says:

      Mele20, 11/23 2021 was your lucky day! according to this article:

      your TracFone company, as of November 23rd, 2021, has joined the Verizon club. hearty welcome to the big 3, don’t know how your privacy options will be affected…

      for reference if needed:

      as for the everchanging privacy game there oughta be a law!

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