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  • Video DownloadHelper taking many hours to aggregate

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    I’m using Win 10 Pro 21H1, the current version of Firefox and the current version of this extension. It used to take a few minutes to aggregate a file after the extension downloaded it. Then it would take a half hour or so. Today, a TEDX video that’s 17 minutes long is going to take nearly 24 hours to aggregate! Something has to be wrong but I haven’t a clue where to start finding the problem.

    Can someone help?

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      When you say aggregate, do you mean combine segments (ts’s) into a video?  Does VDH require a program (ffmpeg, etc) to be installed to do the joining?  It would have been noted the first time you attempted to download something.  Look in User>YourUserName>AppData>Roaming for something that looks like VDH, delete it and the add on, then reinstall the add on.

      There’s only one download add on I’ve ever used that works perfectly all the time and it was removed from Mozilla’s store because of that.  I still use it to capture streams six years later.  These things work for a while, then don’t, then do.  I’ve had much better luck with standalone download managers, Internet Download Manager is an excellent one.  You really have to experiment to find which ones work today.

      One issue with add ons is they leave traces in firefox after removal.  If you play with lots of them, eventually there’s a good chance FF will break.  Unless you’re good at editing profile files, reinstalling FF is the easiest way to fix it.  Chromia do the same thing.

      I don’t use VDH so can’t offern anything specific.  If you want to try others, here are 85 of them:

      Again, speparate programs usually work better than add ons.  If you’re trying to join ts files, TS Splitter in the same site works well.


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        hank you for replying. Sorry for the delay on my end; I didn’t get notified you had replied.

        I’m on a metered connection so I download instructional videos that I’m likely to want to refer to again. I can’t afford to rewatch something 3 or 4 times on line if I’m having difficulty wrapping my brain around how to do something. Much better to have downloaded that video so I can open it in VLC Media Player and start/stop as needed as I practice a new technique.


        I also thank you for that list of software. I will start investigating.

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        Thank you !! I downloaded the 64-bit 3D YouTube Downloader and did a test. Incredibly fast. Out with the old, in with the new. And since it can handle a variety of formats, it’s even more useful.

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      Why don’t you just use the inbuilt Share > Download option for the video or audio?

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        Because 99.9+% of the videos I want to download are not TED talks. They’re a home-made video of how to do something, such as how to bake bread in your slow cooker or get the paint off your car where someone graffitied it. Those are uploaded to YouTube and that’s it, you’re on your own. And I don’t see anything on YouTube that allows you to download what you’re watching. If there is, please tell me how.

        I am on a metered connection, so getting online to re-watch a video is not realistic. And certainly not staying online while I rewind to watch part of a video 3 or 4 times until I understand this new thing I want to do.

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          Please accept my apologies for wasting your time.
          I failed to see your reference to YouTube videos in your initial post.
          I can assure you I will not waste my, or your time again in the future.

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