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    Greetings All

    Not sure if this is the correct area or not, but here goes.  I (fairly) recently bought a Laptop, a Lenovo Ideapad 5 Pro-14ACN6, running an AMD Ryzen 5 5600U processer, with AMD Radeon graphics.  Shortly after a recent boot-up, I received a message noting that some drivers had been installed and I needed to restart.  The restart dialogue indicated the graphics processor was still being installed, so I canceled the reboot for a couple of minutes, then rebooted without incident.  When I went to check up on the updated (Lenovo Vantage) drivers, two drivers were successfully installed, but the graphics driver failed.  I couldn’t find anything that said try again; it was just stuck there.  I ran the “Check for Drivers” again within Vantage, and it said everything was current.  I went to the Lenovo support site, and sure enough, there was a video driver update available.  I downloaded the exe file, ran it, and got a message indicating a successful install.  When I went to check the driver in Device Manager, however, it still showed the old driver.  I ran the installation again and got another successful installation message, but alas, still no new driver.  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.  Thanks.

    Casey H.

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      FWIW: With fast-start disabled, I have encountered similar behaviour recently with W10, albeit for an oem NIC device driver that was more current than the existing being used by W10 (which was updated with oem drivers a couple of months back)

      My method was to revert to previous driver within device manager then restart the device.
      Once restarted, I then unzipped the new driver executable installer using 7zip which created a folder in the same directory as the driver executable file.

      Then back in device manager updated the driver using ‘browse to folder’ pointing to the unzipped folder and ensuring that ‘include subfolders’ was ticked.
      Windows found the driver and installed without issue.
      Might be worth a try with W11

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        I have typically used this method in the past.  In this case, the downloaded file is just a single exe file.  Running it shows it unpacking things, followed by the satisfactory installation message.  I think I’ll try uninstalling the existing driver, then running it again–a disk image first, of course.


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          by unzipping that single exe file allows one to investigate what has been updated by date within the unzipped folders, which I find is peace of mind. YMMV
          Old habits die hard, even for newer operating systems

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      I’m somewhat confused now.  I went down the path of installing the generic Windows video driver, then went and ran the installer from the Lenovo website I downloaded.  It was successful, but the date showing for the driver in Device Manager was still 09/27/21, not August something of 2022.  I went back to the website and checked the details for the driver download.  The number matches what I have installed  (30.0.13032.0), but it indicates a release date of August 2022.  So half of story matches up, and the other half doesn’t.  The Vantage (Lenovo Update Software) scan shows everything is current, but it doesn’t seem to be. I am still confused.


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        one benefit is, you have the recent oem device driver installed, may be attributed to extraneous files installed along with the driver eg graphics control panel for driver..

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        … I went back to the website and checked the details for the driver download. The number matches what I have installed (30.0.13032.0), but it indicates a release date of August 2022. So half of story matches up, and the other half doesn’t…

        Hi Casey H:

        I have a Dell laptop and the dates for my Intel UHD Graphics 620 driver never match when I compare the driver date in Device Manager versus the release date on the Dell support page for my Inspiron 5584. For example, Device Manager shows that the driver date for my current Intel UHD Graphics 620 driver v27.20.100.9664 (i.e., when Intel digitally signed the driver and released it to the general public on Intel.com) is 01-Jun-2021….


        … but the Dell support page <here> for the Inspiron 5584 shows that Dell’s installer for the recommended Intel UHD Graphics driver v27.20.100.9664 (Intel-UHD-Graphics-Driver_P5PHH_WIN_27.20.100.9664_A06.EXE) was released by Dell on 02-Dec-2021 (i.e., it took Dell almost six months to complete their own QA and compatibility checks before the installer was approved and posted on their support site).


        I suspect something similar has happened for your AMD VGA Driver for Windows 11 (64-bit) v30.0.13032.0  – that is, AMD originally released the driver on 27-Sep-2021 (as shown in your Device Manager) but it was not posted <here> on the support page for your IdeaPad 5 Pro-14ACN6 until 10-Aug-2022.
        Dell Inspiron 15 5584 * 64-bit Win 10 Pro v21H2 build 19044.1889 * Intel i5-8265U CPU * 8 GB RAM * 256 GB Toshiba KBG40ZNS256G NVMe SSD * Intel UHD Graphics 620

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      I suspect it is something like that.  I guess I’ll never know for sure, because I never examined the details of the driver before running the update.  I’m surprised that when running the installer for the 2nd and 3rd times, that I did not get a message telling me that the driver was already installed.  I also wonder why there was that initial driver installation failure message.  I should have kept track and written things down as they occurred.  It’s all curiosity more than anything, as I have no video issues, either before or after.  The display resolution is really quite lovely.  Movie viewing is a pleasure.


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