• Vivendi Ticketing US LLC breached


    Vivendi Ticketing US /’See Tickets’ has been breached, with sensitive card details stolen by miscreants.
    Overall number affected: 323,498

    Data breach notification:

    Date Breach Occured: 02/28/2023
    Date Breach Discovered: 07/21/2023

    Information Acquired –
    Name or other personal identifier in combination with: Financial Account Number or Credit/ Debit Card Number (in combination with security code, access code, password or PIN for the account)

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      Corporate doublespeak I have learned to loathe:

      “We apologize for the inconvenience”
      “Without admitting wrong doing”
      “Without admitting fault”

      …and, seeing the first statement, we shall no doubt see at least the other two.

      NOTE: In California, data breaches have real consequences. A local healthcare provider recently had to shell out $100 checks to ALL affected parties of a breach last year, regardless of consequences. No “Here’s your $3.20 and Experian monitoring” baloney.

      It hurt.
      It SHOULD.

      The provider in question now has 3FA in place for it’s patients.

      Hit ’em hard, AG’s: it works.

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