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    I’m looking for some VOIP resources online to plan for a midsize integration project. A VOIP phone system will be installed, and I’d like to look at different means of integrating it into the existing Windows Server 2003 domain. Video and teleconferencing are going to be big points, with the possibility of remote presentations (a la WebEx).

    Google’s a wonderful tool and all, but sometimes it helps to get a person’s opinion!

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      From what little I’ve read it seems as though you can do some seriously cool stuff with either Unified Communications – Microsoft or Unified Communications (IP Communications/VoIP) – Cisco Systems or some combination if the requirements don’t fit either offering individually.



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      Cor, good luck to you Mark. We have just gone over to VOIP and I must say I am pretty impressed so far. It is reckoned that it will save my company approximately £750,000 in calls alone this financial year although the initial cost were substantially larger than that. Your biggest headache, let alone the technical stuff is the move from analogue.

      Just be aware that it sounds wonderous but there has been a massive load put on the network which even after upgrade has caused some severe network issues, so get you network in order before even attempting this integration….and if possible don’t do a “big bang” implementation, it is a big move for staff to get to grips with even with the concept of logging into a phone can upset a load of people. Also make sure you hunt groups are set up and all reception phones are set up.

      Although these are not answers to your question given here, just put these little caveats to the back of your mind as and when you need them nearer the time for the big day.

      As for Webex over VOIP, I did a London/Seattle/New York tripartite conference call using WebEx and there must have been an approximate 1 – 1.5 seconf delay in screen refresh and not sufficiently distracting for the conversation to flow….I had one guy writing code and dumping in the text area of web ex and I was pasting it in to my application…awesome…

      good luck

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        Joe, Jerry, thank you for the information. I have yet to talk to the vendor so I haven’t any clue what gear he prefers to install, but understanding the challenges I will face in this project is really what I was trying to accomplish – and as usual, my fellow Loungers have delivered the goods.

        For conferencing, we are seriously considering using a service very similar to WebEx called Be-InTouch that is considerably cheaper and appears to have the same basic feature set. Unfortunately, they have no live demo that I can find, but so long as it does the job…

        Thanks again, guys!

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