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  • W10 clean Installation got corrupted, now stuck when starting up

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     Ascaris 9 months, 1 week ago.

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      Dear community,

      I wanted to make a clean installation of windows 10 on my laptop via ISO on USB. So I started that progress, deleted all the partions, so it wold only say “un allocated space” clicked next and the normal progress started. Work well so far. Last time I checked it installed the updates. until suddenly the screen turned off and stayed liked since. There was also no sign that the laptop was still doing something other than being turned on. So no sign of calculations.

      So I hit the on/off button…. waited and started the laptop again. Obviously there was nothing to start from. I get a message that the installation was corrupted and should start again. But following this gets me into a loop without any effect.

      Took out USB and started up without it. Same. So put it back in…

      I am pretty lost. Can somebody help?

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      AskWoody MVP

      When you say “start again,” do you mean try to boot from the hard drive (or SSD) again?

      Something happened during the installation… it’s going to have to be reinstalled.  I’d boot from the USB drive again and try it again.  Hopefully whatever caused the freeze before won’t happen again, and you will have a successful installation.  It shouldn’t make any difference, but you might try having it not download the updates during the installation process and let it grab those once you get Windows to boot (which it should do on its own).


      Group "L" (KDE Neon Linux, based on Ubuntu 18.04)

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      Hi Ascaris,
      no, it should have booted from the USB, I excluded the hard drive. but it doesn’t see the UBS at all. tried restarted way too many times already. I think there is something badly wrong, far beyond my abilities… I will need to ask my colleagues in IT.
      thank you very much for your help thou ! 🙂

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        AskWoody MVP

        Don’t panic!  This isn’t a disaster… just a temporary setback.  I doubt there is anything seriously wrong!  Anyone that has been at this a while has seen this kind of thing all the time.

        I am not sure what you mean by “excluded” the hard drive.  Does the PC usually boot from USB if a bootable USB drive is inserted, without you having to do anything, or do you hit a key during the boot sequence to go to the boot override menu?  if you’re not already, try using the boot override option and see if the USB is showing in that.

        This has the feel of another UEFI misadventure.  I don’t know if the PC in question is actually a UEFI model or not, but the trouble you describe has that kind of feel about it.  My desktop is Sandy Bridge, with a motherboard that first hit the market more than 6 years ago, and it’s UEFI, so if your PC is not older than that, it probably is UEFI too.

        If you don’t know what UEFI is, it’s just an updated version of the old BIOS system.  It offers a lot of advantages over the decades-old BIOS, but it also causes its share of issues.  They’re not insurmountable, but this can get confusing if you’re new to this.  Just remember not to panic; this is almost certainly not the serious problem you suspect it is.

        Windows may have enabled Secure Boot in the UEFI settings (sometimes still called BIOS settings on a UEFI system), which could be locking out the USB drive.  If that is enabled, try turning it off and see if that works.

        If that doesn’t help, or if Secure Boot is already off, try switching the boot mode from Legacy to UEFI or vice versa to see if that allows the USB drive to boot.   Bootable USB drives can be set up to boot only in UEFI mode, only in Legacy mode, or in either.  If the boot mode selected in the PC does not match how the USB drive was set up, it won’t boot.  The Windows installer may have changed something during the installation attempt.

        If that doesn’t help, it could be that the Windows installer has written some instructions to the UEFI partition on the drive (that the Windows installer created).  Even when you’re trying to tell the PC not to boot from the hard drive, it still looks to see if it finds any EFI partitions, and some of the instructions it may find in there may be telling it not to boot from external drives or something like that.

        If the hard drive is easily accessible (physically), and if you are comfortable with such an idea, you might try removing the drive for a moment as a test.  If it then boots from the USB drive, that supports the idea that something in that EFI partition is messing things up.  Ideally, we’d like to wipe that drive and get it back to a clean state to try to install Windows once again, but I don’t know what your level of knowledge and comfort level is with such things.

        There’s more to try if this doesn’t work, but this should at least help narrow it down.  Hopefully this makes sense… I know this kind of thing can get really arcane and overwhelming.


        Group "L" (KDE Neon Linux, based on Ubuntu 18.04)

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