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    Well I was feeling quite contented when I discovered the Sata cable to my front panel eSata socket was loose at the MB socket. I pushed it in and my drive dock worked for a day so got out my hot glue gun. Yeah! However now it only works with my finger pushing on it, not wanting to comit my finger for long term use I await a replacement..

    But this all leads to the next…

    I have had a yellow asterich next to my Marvel Sata controller in Device Manager for a while (booted to W7) so I decided to try the SSD on which I had installed W1o on a few months ago (whilst in an eSATA dock, with my W7 boot drive still running so that should have been the boot drive) on the Marvel controller , no luck at first, changed from IDE mode to ACHI in bios and then showed ok now.

    Well Just to prove the point I rebooted to the W10 install. Ok booted fine. I then tried to reboot into W7. No go right to W10. Several times. Is this because W10 is not REALLY shutting down ? I imagine I should have tried turning off PS switch, but instead restored an EasyBCD backup. At that point it tried to boot to W7 but seemed locked at start screen, maybe a bit impatient here but now I decided to power down. It again tried a reboot into W7 and after a checkdisk finally booted into. Now I am noticing that my time is 2 hours too early a bit weird but now is the part I find baffling. Ok fixed that. Now I am getting a W10 tile type screen asking whether I want to boot W7 or W10. What could have changed since last time I tried booting W10 several months ago??

    And yes I know about the admonitions not to dual boot but this was working several months ago last time I tried (using dock for W10 at that time)


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