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  • W8.1 IE11/Edge- -Eyes glazed over?–Profusely!

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        Apologies for the length but I’ll try to cram for brevity.
        My PC experience began at W3.0/3.1 then on to W95 with (Woody’s MOAW95 book & CD set), next W2K, XP and the W8.1 that I now use. I have a W10H computer store bought new last year (with installed 1903July), that I keep in airplane mode and so never yet internet connected. The novelty of computers through W95 was an exciting puzzle to play with until I realized everything would be persistantly outdated to insure consumer expense. So, I just went back to pencil & paper for a few years, and never really gave it a second thought. W2K was a couple of years old when I did buy those machines and they weren’t really too different to use from W95, although managing some functions, etc., was more complicated; like when “they” changed those function, etc., names. Back when MS decided it was a great idea to “force” W10 on unsuspecting customers regardless of consumer data allowences, I decided to halt most WU updating until I felt like doing it, usually every few months. This is my last allowed update: 2019-11 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB4525243) Installation date: 2/29/2020 1:11 PM Installation status: Succeeded Update type: Important. That WU was done that way because something was gone goofy after a previous 2019-11 WU attempt. It was discussed on the site by others and so I deleted those updates and did this rollup in its place; that problem was solved.
        Later on the site, there was some very confusing (for me) process to go through to resolve a transposed WU dl segment that happened several months ago and I figured my process above would have put things in order (it’s not like MS was lacking time), but I guess I still don’t have that proper segment in the proper order? 2019-11 Servicing Stack Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB4524445) Installation date: 1/12/2020 4:06 PM Installation status: Failed Error details: Code 80240055 Update type: Important That was my last attempt to dl that mess. I don’t see where that KB installed alone; so, I wonder if it was fixed in the Rollup above.
        My stuck on huh? issue is with IE11, my preferred and default browser in W8.1. More and more websites are forcing the use of other browsers that I do not want as my default nor to use more often. W8.1 has a few more years until its EOL, and IE11 is standard with it. Granted, MS Edge is an option that I have considered, thinking that it will update and meld my IE11 settings, favorites, etc., as if it were IE12, and there it is my big stubbed toe. For some reason my system REFUSES to allow WU to do anything but FAIL at installing Edge. Common sense tells me that if it is that blasted important, then it should be part of and included in the WU package, and actually change IE11 to Edge, but then again some failed WU dl segment? Yes, I have gone to MS dl page, more than a few times, and always I’m rewarded with another “don’t wanna”!
        This last few days I’ve noticed intermittent retarding of page refreshing, typing letters in search windows, mouse response, page scrolling, changing between tabs, etc., and a much shorter uptime before these things start being an issue. Yes, all drivers are up to snuff.
        Web access is 95% of my computer use and I just don’t want to be IT proficient in order to do a few interesting things on the internet and keep in touch with some of the world. If someone can help me understand how I can easily (?) resolve the IE/Edge issue I’d surely be appreciative.
        And Woody, thanks for all that you and your pals have done to keep us informed all of these years. Office Watch and the others back in olden days, got me through much tricky sticky stuff!
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        AskWoody Plus

        Are you trying to download and install Edge from this page?

        If so, note in the dropdown menu that they’re offering downloads separately for Windows 8 and for Windows 8.1, and you’ll need the version labeled 8.1.

        But if it’s a more complicated issue involving the order in which Windows Updates were installed or some such thing, I will defer to the WU gurus here… 🙂

        Regarding the issues with delayed page refreshing, typing, etc., you may want to launch Task Manager to the Performance tab and see how the graphs go when the issue(s) start happening. The Processes tab (CPU and memory columns) could also come in handy in identifying candidates for what’s slowing your system down.


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        AskWoody Plus

        Common sense tells me that if it is that blasted important, then it should be part of and included in the WU package, and actually change IE11 to Edge

        First, the new Edge isn’t yet wildly distributed to every Windows version. If you want the new Edge you have to download it manually.
        Second, the new Edge DOES NOT replace IE11 as IE11 in embedded in Windows OS while Edge is a stand alone, like Chrome, Firefox… browser and gets regular updates whenever Chrome is updated.
        You will have both browsers on your system and IE11 can’t be uninstalled.

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        Thank you for your responses, both have cleared some questions I’d had and now I have a better understanding.

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