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    The productivity app wanted is free output, export and storage of transcribed audio recorded on a digital device.  Everything I find is fee based; usually transcription for a fee, where the “free” transcription is a lure to require a user to pay to receive the transcribed output; or the output is viewable on a screen but cannot be exported, saved edited or stored locally.

    Google Live Transcribe by Android app is an example of the latter. The voice to alphabetic character transcription is impressive; but I cannot access the output to use it other than to view it on a screen, analogous to “closed captioning” on a TV screen. That does not meet my needs. I investigated half a dozen android apps that are ready available at the Google Play store.  All that I looked at employ the “pay to play” business model: the app is free to download and use, but the user must pay to obtain the transcript.  I understand the business model; the “free” app is giving access to a service for compensation. I am seeking a free to use solution for limited, free output that I can save locally, edit and store.

    I looked at “Notta”, which is the closest to what I want, but the “free” functionality and output is limited. A “Guest” is limited to free use for 120 minutes; more time than that is priced at about $100 per year for a subscriber model; and the usability features available to a “Guest” are substantially curtailed from the productivity that a paying subscriber can purchase.

    I subscribe to and pay for many productivity apps (for a Windows 10/Chrome environment) so I am not a hater of paying for all useful software tools, utilities and the like. This inquiry is a shout out to see if there is a satisfactory free end-to-end audio transcription app with transcription/conversion local storage and user editing capability before I sign up and pay for something I have found that is not free.


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      Post script:  After I pressed send, I remembered “Older Geeks.com” free downloads. I discovered there “Listen N’ Write”. I will familiarize myself with that software. So a response to suggest that source and that program may be superfluous. Comments from users familiar with “Listen N’ Write” may be helpful.


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      If you subscribe to Microsoft 365 for Word and other Office apps. You can upload unlimited number and size of audio files that will be transcribed to text. Can store the transcription on OneDrive.

      In a pinch or temp solution:
      Have a microphone setup to capture the sound coming from a speaker. Play the audio dictation to come out of the speaker and be picked up by the microphone. Use Windows built in Speech Recognition to type what the microphone picks up. If you never used Speech Recognition, it will take a little while to set it up and learn how to use it.

      HTH, Dana:))

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      Remember… free means you are the product.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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