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  • Waterfox fix for ReCaptcha woes?

    Posted on Ascaris Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

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      I started to write another post about my ReCaptcha woes the other day, and I deleted it and redid it, and still wasn’t happy with it enough to post it.

      I’d discovered that was demanding a ReCaptcha each time I tried to log in, and as always, it was one frustrating failed puzzle after another. I can see using a ReCaptcha if I’ve tried to log in and failed a few times, but unless I have a stalker who is randomly trying to log in to random web sites with my name, it’s been happening way too consistently on all different kinds of websites.

      I tried setting the useragent to pretend that I was using Chrome, and… no ReCaptcha at all.  Didn’t even have to check the box– there was no box to check.

      I was all set to blast Google, but something didn’t sit well with me about that experience.  It was the Wal-Mart site that told me that I had to check the ReCaptcha box to protect the users.  Even when I blocked Google scripts with NoScript, Wal-Mart still said to check the box, but there was no box, for obvious reasons.  It was still trying to make the thing appear even with Google scripts blocked.

      I went to another site that demands a ReCaptcha on every login, and it still demanded I do so even when I was masquerading as Chrome.  I did notice that I was able to get in on the second try, though, rather than having it fail me over and over and over.

      I changed my useragent to what it would be with Firefox 66, and I still was tortured with the ReCaptcha on each time.

      I don’t know what’s going on server-side with Google and Wal-Mart, so I don’t know which party is really at fault.  Someone was flagging me based on my useragent, and that should not happen.  Google has said that a spoofed useragent, should their suspicion algorithm discover it, adds to the suspiciousness of the user.  Ironically, it was when I stopped using the Waterfox default useragent and spoofed it to a completely different browser that it stopped being suspicious.

      Today I noticed that Neon had another update for me, and it was the newest Waterfox.  I went to the patch notes, and the first thing it listed was that Waterfox again has a new default useragent, and that it would fix the problem with repeated ReCaptchas.  I wish he’d written more on the topic!  I would love to know what was happening behind the scenes, and why it was targeting Waterfox despite it having a Firefox useragent– which is really what Waterfox is, with a few modifications.

      So, here I am with the new Waterfox, and sure enough, no longer assaults me with a ReCaptcha.  The other site does, though, but just as when I had the useragent spoofed to Chrome, it allowed me to pass after exactly two puzzles.  I think they’re just having me do more to get more free training for their machine learning; they never actually say I was wrong with my answer.  They imply it, by saying “Please try again” in red text.  Sneaky, sneaky!  It does seem as if you’re trying to tell me I got it wrong, but you’re really not saying exactly that.  You’re telling me what you want me to do, to try again.

      If two puzzles is enough to establish that I am a human, why was it demanding I do about a thousand of them before just because my browser said Firefox 60 instead of Chrome 62?  Either I am a bot or I am not, and even with the Chrome useragent, there were no tracking cookies for them to read on my PC, which is supposed to be suspicious.  If my useragent says Chrome (or the new Waterfox one), I can prove myself human after one bogus “wrong” answer and one correct one.  If it says Firefox, it takes tons of puzzles and usually concludes that I am a bot, but not if I use that same useragent on the actual Firefox.

      Anyway, if you’re a Waterfox user and you’ve had this issue, try the update and see how that goes.

      Group "L" (KDE Neon User Edition 5.16.5).

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      Reading deeper – They created the bots and NOW… they want human to prove they are not bots!

      You can use similar logic-application to other domain of their 1984 ‘experiment’ – gov and law and police and spies and welfare and medicine and etc… it comes down to … appears to be… (your choice of expression here)

      Back to fishing for better dreams

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