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    FREEWARE SPOTLIGHT By Deanna McElveen Weather apps seem to follow a process in development. Step 1: Make a full-featured app. Step 2: Let people get h
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      We find that the best “Weather App” for us is the National Weather Service at https://www.weather.gov/  .

      Open the site, enter your location (if you are in the US), block and copy the web address of your location, click on a blank area of your desktop, click New, click on Short Cut, enter the web address, and give the shortcut a name.

      Now a click on your desktop brings up your local forecast.

      No Muss No Fuss No Bother.

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        I also have a shortcut saved for the NWS weather.gov site. After you have entered your city and state (in the U.S.), on the forecast page that comes up you will see a map. Zoom in on that map to your own neighborhood (or workplace or wherever you are interested in) and with the pointer click on your location and it will refresh to provide the weather forecast generated closest to you. Save that resulting webpage for your shortcut.

        In my case, there is a city water treatment facility about a half mile to the northwest of my house and I understand there is a weather reporting station in there somewhere that provides the data from which my local forecast is created. I don’t know if the reporting station is directly owned by the NWS or is owned by the city, but I have always found its forecasts to be very accurate.

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      I’ve used WeatherMate for years.

      Only thing I noticed is the radar does not move; it’s static. I think I read in the Help file it’s supposed to move.

      Not a big deal for me as a weather geek as I have several good weather radar sites bookmarked.

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      For some reason, my last attempt appeared to fail, so if this is a repeat post I apologize.

      Anyway, the program totally failed to start on my system.

      I get an error box with a big red x telling me: “Sorry, WeatherMate 4 was unable to start.” ” The requested security protocol is not supported” ? What a security protocol has to do with this working or not I have no idea. Windows 7 home


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      Note that Weathermate requires .NET Framework 3.5 (which includes .Net 2.0 and 3.0) on Windows.

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      I posted this question elsewhere but now think I should have posted it here.

      I’m wondering if WeatherMate can be made to disappear when other programs are running. That is, WeatherMate should NOT be always on top of my desktop, but rather should be always on the bottom. Is there a way to make that happen?  The “AutoHide” setting seems to make WeatherMate disappear but it’s not clear how to bring it back, and that’s not what I want it to do anyway.  Thanks for any advice.

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      For us northerners (Canada), weather.gc.ca is comprehensive, including an aviation section for those wanting a deeper dive. Radar coverage is excellent and shares with US facilities to provide a clearer picture along the border. Weather alerts and warnings can be pushed to your phone to heighten awareness of impending or occurring dangerous conditions.

      wunderground is a marvelous open-ended application facilitated by IBM and a strong army of weather station contributors. Coverage is international, including Canada and the US.

      I run both on Windows 7 & 10 as well as Linux (openSUSE).

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