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    Running Mint Mate 20.3 on Dell Optiplex 5060 desktop.  Browser is FF 106.0.  Couple of weeks ago, Monday 11/13, an e-newspaper site which I visit daily and to which I hold a paid subscription, began displaying incorrectly- a substantial upper portion of the page was hidden.  Restarting the computer, reloading FF and reloading the site made no difference.  After a major runaround, customer service sent me a screenshot showing the correct display, thus indicating that the problem was local.  Our other machine- HP laptop, Mate 19.2, FF 105.0.3, was able to display the site correctly.

    The previous day, I ran several updates in the desktop, see s/shot.Updates-installed-11-13-22
    Note that this list does not include a FF update or a kernel update.  My workaround, installing Vivaldi, allows me to view the e-newspaper site correctly.  While there were no FF updates in the list, there have been a series of missteps by the FF developers this year, an ongoing situation.  The published updates from FF each seem to arrive with a new batch of errors, and have made me leery of installing them for fear of going from bad to worse.

    Looks to me that some incompatibility between Mate 20.3 and FF 106.0 has reared its head, although not triggered by an update of either.  Comments?

    Linux Mint Mate 19.2 & 20.3

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      Was customer service using FF and/or a linux distro to get the screen shot they sent you? Was there something other than editorial content in the blocked out portion of the page (I’m wondering if some setting you use blocked an ad, pop-up, etc.)?

      FWIW I have the same updates you’re showing, but also some newer ones as well. I currently have only one update showing that needs to be installed – something called ‘shadow’. My kernel is 5.4.0-132 and the latest systemd is 245.4-4ubuntu3.19.

      In any case using FF 107 I haven’t seen anything like what you’re describing.

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      Was customer service using FF and/or a linux distro to get the screen shot they sent you?

      No idea what they are using, but the entire “customer service” experience bordered on hostile when I finally overcame the “virtual assistant” stuff.  When the obviously canned answers were not helpful, the agent acted rudely and anxious to get rid of me.  I suppose it takes a particular set of attributes to deal with complaints all day.

      Yes, editorial content is hidden on FF but the full page displays on Vivaldi as well as on our laptop which runs 19.2 as opposed to 20.3.

      I too have installed more recent updates since the batch on 11/13 but since the error started the following day, and continues now, after running properly up until then, I’ve focused on the status as of then.  My money is on some problem introduced by FF that was not related to an update.

      Linux Mint Mate 19.2 & 20.3

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      Update- just had a FF error on an unrelated site- the page would not scroll beyond about 1/4 inch.  This site is familiar to me and there are several screens’ worth of content that could not be seen on this page, while other pages displayed as expected.

      Linux Mint Mate 19.2 & 20.3

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      I am also running Mint Mate 20.3 and FF. Might be helpful to mention the sites, if that is permitted with askwoody. If yes, I will go to the sites and see if I see any problems.

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        This site will not scroll any page:                                                                            https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/new-england/rhode-island/?p1=BGHeader_MainNav

        This site failed to scroll one page only:                                                              Ocean State Libraries Catalog

        Linux Mint Mate 19.2 & 20.3

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          The sites work fine for me with FF & linux mint mate 20.3, no issue with scrolling. I tried both with ublock origin (my only addon) on and with it disabled. I did encounter an ad to subscribe which covered most of the page and prevented scrolling & all navigation. Since I am not a subscriber that seemed normal behavior. Clicking a home link on this ad, took me back to the main page. Also did several searches at the library site and all seemed normal. I assume you tried deleting cookies and cache and testing with addons disabled.

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          I tried both sites with FF 107, Mint Cinnamon 20.3, and my results mirror @sueska‘s results.

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      Hello everyone. There still seems to be issues with Firefox on various computers. Mainly on Linux but it affects all platforms. However, very recently, it looks like a patch may have fixed the issue for the majority of users.

      Firefox window randomly freezes

      Pale Moon has just come out with a new version, and people like slowpoke that seem to have issues should investigate that browser. It holds to the true Firefox “old” methods but has evolved on its own. Like any browser, nothing is perfect. If one prefers a “non chrome Firefox style” of browser, one could use Pale Moon first, then fall back on Firefox and lastly a chrome browser if needed for certain web pages.

      v31.4.1 (2022-11-29)

      Hope this helps someone.

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        Firefox window randomly freezes

        Nice find! that’s been an issue on some linux distro’s (not all, SparkyLinux has been ok) for a while. Although haven’t encountered that specific problem on Win7, 8.1 or 10

        WaaS = Windows as a Syphon...suckers!

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        That issue started late last June with FF 102.0.  I started a thread on the Mint forum back then and some experienced users have chased the problem without success.  Thread still active.  Numerous updates since then.  Some claims of success re correcting error, and latest update may finally be at least a partial fix.  Time will tell.

        BUT- the scrolling error on this thread may be a different issue.

        I’m now running Vivaldi as an alternative browser.

        Linux Mint Mate 19.2 & 20.3

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        And according to the page at the link for the bug report (bug 1781167), it’s status is “Closed” and it looks like the fix will be ported to FF versions 108 and 109, because they have a status listing of “fixed” whereas FF 107 has a status of “wont fix” listed next to its version number. From what I can tell, it looks to me as if it will also be fixed in the next full release of FF102ESR.

        There’s hope yet, @Slowpoke47 !

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