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  • Weird Windows 10 settings loss

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      I don’t have access to enough windows 10 computers to test this in a timely manner (that seems like a good thing to me though)

      First what version of windows 10 are you using (likely 1607 or 1703)? Also pro or home?

      What is the windows service TermService (aka “Remote Desktop Services”) set to startup for you?
      I show the factory default for Vista, 7, 8.x, and 10(version unspecified) is manual(3).
      If you disable this windows service and install a monthly update, does it change the start setting?

      “Fast Startup” aka Hiberboot aka hybrid-shutdown tends to cause trouble because you click shutdown and all your computer does it log off and then hibernate (the OS doesn’t exit). Disabling “Fast Startup” turns the shutdown button back into a real shutdown button, and hibernate is still available if you want to use it. Therefore many recommend to disable “Fast Startup” (permanently).

      If you disable “Fast Startup”
      and install a monthly update does “Fast Startup” stay disabled for you?

      Registry keys to check before and after installing a monthly update:
      “Start” = ???
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Power\
      “HiberbootEnabled” = ???

      Thanks for the help!

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      AskWoody MVP

      Open an admin command prompt Window (WIN-X-A),


      powercfg /hibernate off

      Then don’t even think about verifying anything after, it’s disabled. If a feature update puts it back, do the same command again.

      Fast Startup and Hibernate will be completely disabled and the huge file reserved for that purpose removed. Plus, your computer might actually boot and shut down faster, paradoxically.

      I always remove hibernation on all computers I install. The computer boots faster after, but I don’t use cheap machines with slow mechanical HDs.

      Maybe if you have a very slow computer it can save a few seconds instead of adding some seconds, unlike it generally does on computers I install, but I don’t think it is worth the “unclean” reboot.

      If your laptop has an SSD, booting in less than 10-20 seconds is not really an issue vs using hibernation. I just use normal sleep if I don’t want to shut it down because it takes very few power anyway.


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        This case deals with multiple typical computers, most don’t have SSDs. Hibernate on/off doesn’t affect a real boot or shutdown at all. Plus some users are on battery backups and want to hibernate after the power is out for a few minutes.

        I’m really looking for input from real users as to if microsoft is overriding user preference (“user make you choice, but it doesn’t matter”), has a bug (“oops we changed that setting”), or if a small sub-set of users are just experiencing a rare(?– I have about two samples) bug.

        If you have the chance check and note the settings in the first post turn _on_ hibernate, and turn _off_ “fast boot” (aka “shutdown button is logoff then hibernate”). Use your computer(s) as normal, recheck the settings before your next update, then do you next monthly update, then double check the settings again and report back.

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          AskWoody MVP

          I can tell you from experience that indeed and oddly, I’ve seen boot speed affected just by the existence of the hibernation file many times, even with fast boot already turned off.

          As to battery backups, if you use the regular sleep instead of the hibernation, the battery draw is so low you could last for hours if not days without loosing anything, so really, I don’t see much benefit to the very slow hibernation process no more. The regular sleep turns down everything (hard disks, cpu…) and only maintains the RAM state or some low power to trigger events, so the amount of power used is minimal. When you hibernate, you might still have some phantom power drawn from you computer because it is plugged and the difference between this and regular sleep might be very very small.

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            But if the power is off for more than 10 minutes, chances are that it will be off for many hours because someone has to go somewhere physically to fix it.

            The battery backup software has no option to sleep, it’s hibernate (or if that is disabled then shutdown instead).

            Even if it would support sleep, it don’t want to run my battery flat and listen to beeping for 8 hours. UPS off draws less battery power than sleep PC with battery on. I want to be on battery for 3 minutes, then if power doesn’t come back hibernate and auto-off the UPS afterwards.

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              AskWoody MVP

              Sure, we don’t want to hear the UPS beep. If I am home and I miss power, I can easily get out of sleep and turn the computer off before the UPS run out of power. If I am not there, I don’t care.

              I prefer to not use hibernate at all and just do a clean shutdown, but someone who might have an issue having to shut down the computer with many active windows might not like that.

              Your mileage may vary.

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      Can someone (the more the better) take a look at my thread where I am researching a few specific weird things windows 10 MAY be doing?

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        Da Boss

        Sooo.. your question is whether

        powercfg /hibernate off

        stays set after updates. Yes?

        In my experience, some updates change some settings – and it’s very difficult to pin down precisely which settings, and which updates. Supposedly the Creators Update is better at respecting settings.

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          No, that’s not my question at all. Seriously that was actually another posters suggestion to help me ignore microsoft’s possible tampering.

          Maybe I’m bad at asking for info from others without having a real conversation. Please help once you understand me!

          Simple version of the question does “Fast Startup” (aka Hiberboot aka hybrid-shutdown) turn back on after every win10 update (monthly) overriding the user’s preference.

          This setting:

          This setting turns your “shutdown” button into a “log off, then hibernate” button.

          Introduced in windows 8.0, causes users problems:
          User has a problem that a reboot will solve (update/replace file on boot, etc..).
          User: “but I have already shutdown 17 times this week!”
          IT: “then why is your uptime 23 days?”
          IT: “Fast Startup is enabled, you’ve been hibernating — not shutting down.”

          I would really appreciate is if users (more is better) would see if “Fast Startup” stays disabled (unchecked).

          I (fortunately?) don’t have enough windows 10 machines to test this. Please help have people check this for me, and handful of windows users say “it stays off” or “HEY! microsoft turned it back on!” would help. Thanks!

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        According to this link(#1229) …
        , an inplace feature update or upgrade of Win 10 will result in most settings returning to the default, eg Fast Startup enabled and System Restore disabled.

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          I’m not seeing that on the page you linked, but thank you, anything helps.

          I am specifically referring to a non-major-huge(in place OS upgrade). Your standard monthly cumulative win10 update.

          First hand experiences preferred.

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