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    This is a great community, with a broad range of experience, from absolute newbies to those with decades of tech experience… so you should find a niche that suits you…

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    You might also check out the Knowledge Base Forum. There is some terminology used only here at AskWoody, regarding Group A, B, and W updating for Windows 7 and 8.1 that you might want to familiarize yourself with. You may be only on W10 and never use it yourself, but it is nice to know what people are referring to.

    And there is the ever popular updating information to be found in Susan’s Master Patch List and Woody’s MS-DEFCON system. This post explains the differences between them.

    Registration questions or problems should go to Customer Support.

    We look forward to your visits here.

    Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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      Yes, by all means have an “Introduce yourself” thread, but I suggest you have a purge facility (> 5 days?) so that that newest introduction post is not buried many pages down under less recent posts.   This from experience on another forum where the “Introductions” thread has 1,456 replies on 59 pages.  See SimSig on rail signalling.

      Dell E5570 Latitude, Intel Core i5 6440@2.60 GHz, 8.00 GB - Win 10 Pro

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      I am new to the Askwoody site, so I thought this is a good place to introduce myself and get some pointers on how to look for information related to Windows 7 and Windows 10.

      Here is an example of what I am looking for. A Windows 7 machine has suddenly developed a full hard drive. When I examine the C drive, it shows that there is only 150 GB of programs installed on the drive. When I check the drive it shows  450 GB on a 465 GB drive.

      To search the windows forums for this issue, how do I do this? I have tried using the “Search the lounge”, but the responses are not in line with my question ie: “Windows 7 hard drive reads full but isn’t”.

      If I go to the Windows 7 Forum there appears to be no way to search just that forum.

      Any help in using the search function would be appreciated.



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      I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions. This gives me some areas to start looking for a solution.

      I’ll let you know if I am able to correct this problem.

      Thanks again


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      I was a long time user of Langalist which became part of Windows Secrets to which I had a lifetime membership. Is this an adequate introduction?

      I have a PC with Windows 7 which I was unable to use for a period of time related to a move to my daughter’s where my computer refused to talk to the Wi-Fi in the house. A tech specialist with the schools where I live even came to fix the problem which was unfixable. I am now in my home and have the PC up and talking to my Wi-Fi but need to bring the patches up to speed. Is there any way I could get a CD with patches from fall 2017 to current. Or how do I patch that computer so I am able to use it?

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        I just did one like this for a friend. I’m going to assume you have been using Windows Update to update the PC. If so, this is what you can do:
        + In the Control Panel\Windows Update, click “chenge settings” and set it to “Never check for updates” and click OK.
        +Download the latest Servicing Stack KB3177467 from the MS Catalog. Be sure to get the one dated 10/8/2018 with the right bitedness (32-bit will have x86 in the name, 64-bit will have x64 in the name). Save it to your desktop.
        + Disconnect your computer from the Internet. Double click on the downloaded KB3177467, give it permission to install. After the installation is complete, reboot your computer and wait 20 minutes without doing anything.
        + Reconnect to the Internet. Go to Control Panel\Windows Update and search for updates. It may take a while.
        + If you do not want the telemetry patches, in the Important Updates, right click on and hide KB2952664, KB3021917, KB3068708, and KB3080149. Also hide any other updates you want to avoid.
        + Install any CHECKED updates in the Important Update list. Reboot your computer. Log in, wait 20 minutes,  check for updates, install, reboot, until there are no updates left.
        + You should be up to date.

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      I was originally on the LangaList and was migrated to Windows Secrets and eventually, to here with the rest of the subscriber base. I’ve worked and played in a Windows environment since Windows 3.1 in the 1990’s.

      I was a beta tester for the PC Mag Utilities back when there was a print version of PC Magazine. I suggested the idea of the “Startup Cop” utility to programmer/editor Neil J. Rubenking many years ago, before Windows had anything resembling control of start-up programs. Now, start-up programs in Windows 10 are easily controlled from the “startup” tab in the TaskManager, but once upon a time, it took both knowledge of the desktop Start Menu groups and Registry keys to stop ill-behaved programs from running when Windows starts.

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      • #341319

        …it took both knowledge of the desktop Start Menu groups and Registry keys to stop ill-behaved programs from running when Windows starts.

        Ah not all has changed yet, for many programs you still need to manipulate the registry keys using a favored tool for the task.

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      • #341343

        Neil’s active on Twitter – https://twitter.com/neiljrubenking

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      While I’m new to AskWoody, I was a long time subscriber and follower of Windows Secrets.
      A big thank you to Woody for helping me to migrate my old account to this newer platform.

      Since I moved from IT support work to IT Project Management, I’m a lot less hands-on, but still have a Win 10 desktop and laptop (both on Dell hardware.)  No Windows phone for me – I’ve been an Android phone user for a number of years.


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      Greetings and Felicitations.

      I am a retired IT person who worked in operations, tech support, automation, QA, website development and testing, and finished up my career as a capacity manager for 30,000 odd Unix and Windows servers at a large financial institute in Canada.   With 35 years plus of experience with computers I like to think of myself as an expert but I’m not.   It is a constant challenge to stay up to speed and learn the latest.  Windows Secrets and now Ask Woody provides me a way to stay educated.   Thanks for all the fish  (information).   🙂


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      Hello, I have been a member of Windows Secrets for quite a few years and have learned a lot from them. I started learning computers in my past lifetime when I was in the working world: no computer training whatsoever. I started using MS-DOS but it was a time when Windows 3.0 I believe it was that was immediately coming into play. I got my first home computer 1988. In summary, I’m self-taught, not close to an expert but at least at the intermediate computer user level. My best advantage over the years is that adapting to change is normal for me: that’s the way it is in the computer world. I have volunteered over the years of maintaining computers at a couple of non-profit organizations along with training members & visitors of the non-profit organizations which by the way, has trained me on what in the world I was fixing or training to. This Ask Woody looks challenging for me to adjust to but I’ll ask questions when I need to. Have a great day everyone, Larry

      HP EliteBook 8540w laptop Windows 10 Pro (x64)

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      I’m a Windows Secrets veteran just tiptoed over from there without warning.
      Besides being a stubborn old man still hanging on, there’s also the fact that I refuse to join Facebook, WhatsUp, Instagram, LinkedIn and the like because I don’t trust them to (be able to) keep my privacy private. So don’t ask.



      To begin my residency here I would hate to put my foot into something unsteppable. Please let me start with a question.

      Am I allowed to use a screenshot from a game as my avatar?
      Namely Winston, the Croft Manor’s butler in Tomb Raider Legend.

      I’m thinking this is so called “fair use”, but I may be wrong.

      P.S. Yes, yes, I’m a fan of Lara Croft since her very beginning.

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      • #345757

        Welcome, that’s SOM SHO you got there 😉

        Game characters are used all over the web as avatars. As for it being ‘allowed’, that depends on whether or not the copyright holder is ok with it. I’ve never heard of anyone being asked to take a game-based avatar down.

        Of course, AskWoody may have a policy I don’t know about.

        Alienware Aurora R6; Win10 Home x64 1803; Office 365 x32
        i7-7700; GeForce GTX 1060; 16GB DDR4 2400; 1TB SSD, 256GB SSD, 4TB HD

      • #347665

        If you can stick it in gravatar, you can make it your avatar.


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    • #345649

      Welcome SOM. Nice to see someone else dedicated to trying to preserve some privacy.

      As to your avatar, I’d be checking a TR forum for suggestions on that.

      cheers, Paul

    • #346212

      Hi folks! It’s good to recognize some old faces. I’m just another WindowsSecrets Lounge expat. I was a subscriber while lurking at the WS Lounge originally but joined eventually and hung out there for nearly a decade, and began lurking here. I’ve been a long time student of physics, electronics engineering, radio and television broadcast technology,  information technology, and computer maintenance. I also found time to teach those subjects for 17 years, and spent a decade as the telecommunications manager for a small company.
      I’m glad that Woody has seen fit to swallow the whale!

      Image or Clone often! Backup, backup, backup, backup......
      - - - - -
      Home Built: Windows 10 Home 64-bit, AMD Athlon II X3 435 CPU, 16GB RAM, ASUSTeK M4A89GTD-PRO/USB3 (AM3) motherboard, 512GB SanDisk SSD, 3 TB WD HDD, 1024MB ATI AMD RADEON HD 6450 video, ASUS VE278 (1920x1080) display, ATAPI iHAS224 Optical Drive, integrated Realtek HD Audio

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    • #346222

      Another Windows Secrets expat here, altho I first encountered Woody in the 90s via Woody’s Office Watch around the same time I stumbled across Fred via Langa List. I’m so glad Woody has reassembled such a fine team of industry veterans while saving the Windows Secrets legacy.

      I’m a business guy first, tech second. 15 years in the general area of Supply Chain Management with 2 multinationals, then a decade learning the work-for-myself game, followed by 2 decades owning & running online small businesses.

      One of those multinationals was a computer company making hardware & software—one of my reasons for joining them was to further my knowledge in an area which was going to change the world and be a major part of my own future. I’ve built most of our PCs for 20 years.

      My main interest is learning, and my main hobby is gaming—mainly video, but also board when I get the chance. When I get past a current business load spike, I hope to start learning to program.

      Alienware Aurora R6; Win10 Home x64 1803; Office 365 x32
      i7-7700; GeForce GTX 1060; 16GB DDR4 2400; 1TB SSD, 256GB SSD, 4TB HD

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    • #347639

      I was really homesick for my old username.

      So I asked AskWoody to delete stubbornoldmanstillhangingon and accept and register me as E Pericoloso Sporgersi.

      Sorry for the hassle.


      1 Desktop Win 11
      1 Laptop Win 10
      Both tweaked to look, behave and feel like Windows 95
      (except for the marine blue desktop, rgb(0, 3, 98)
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    • #347797

      I was really homesick for my old username. So I asked AskWoody to delete stubbornoldmanstillhangingon and accept and register me as E Pericoloso Sporgersi. Sorry for the hassle.

      Kind of an update, addition, explanation, elucidation, clarification, whatever …

      See https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/welcome-introduce-yourself-here/#post-345587

      Again, sorry for the hassle.

      1 Desktop Win 11
      1 Laptop Win 10
      Both tweaked to look, behave and feel like Windows 95
      (except for the marine blue desktop, rgb(0, 3, 98)
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    • #2316111

      New subscriber here:

      Name is Bob. Musician, audio guru, photographer, retired. I have been online since 1986. Truth. Member and host at the first “social network”, the Well. Actually used Windows 1. Very advanced power user. For example when I moved to add a new computer and from Win 7 to Win 10 it took 134 days of spare time. Truly. 266 apps from ALL M’soft Office and Adobe, Photoshop, Lightroom, add-ons, macros, templates, utilities, browsers, color management, etc. etc. and on and on. Got things workable and tailored to my taste.

      Really dislike Windows 10. Or rather that M’soft does not leave well enough alone.  It works fine for me on 1909 now, but feature updates, drivers, CU etc are nuts. I read of horror stories in moving to 2004 or 20H2 with black screens, blue screens, loss of network, Bluetooth – on and on. I do not need the feature changes and cannot afford to be down. Life is too short. I wish they would stop. I hide and postpone often.

      I’m usually the one to help others with issues, but occasionally cannot find answers to my own issues. Wind up in too many forums and discussions and with maybe a 50% success rate at finding fixes.

      I have never paid to join a forum, newsletter, discussion group. I did now. And fixed income so bought in lightly.

      So why am I here?

      1. It seems you stay more on top of and provide more detail on the gotchas of updates than other sites.

      2. I am hoping to have one stop where I can ask the tricky questions and work through issues. I have three right now. One I have posted in the wushowhide topic and need to update tonight. Two more I shall start separate topics.

      3. Hoping to learn when it it truly safe to update. Will start a topic on that as well.


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      Hi All,

      I started programing computers 56 years ago with paper tape and direct binary 4 bit coding.  I have progressed thru many languages and OSs.  My primary occupation was medical laboratory testing and computer software to blend the two fields.  I am now retired.  I have numerous articles published thru Neat Net Tricks publications by Jack Teems, but that publication is retired now.  I contribute to the forum sponsored by that site.  I am looking to branch out and will be happy to share what little expertise I have.   As an example of my writings, I offer this booklet that I wrote for iPhone users; which is in PDF format.

      Drcard :))

      HTH, Dana:))

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    • #2335477

      Hi all,

      First, I want to thank AskWoody (and the past names it’s been called) for their contributions to the computer community.  I have learned so much from the tips’n tricks they’ve published.

      I go back many years as well as some of the others who’ve posted their story.  I know it doesn’t mean much now, but I was part of the community of Beta testers for AOL.  Receiving 3½” floppy disks of a newer version of AOL software.

      Late in the 90’s, I met a woman who taught Steve Case (started AOL) how to work a computer.  Not one of his family members, but a person who had an office down the hall from Steve’s father’s office.

      It’s always rewarding, especially for AskWoody, to help others to grasp concepts, introduce new techniques and to make one’s computer run efficiently.

      Looking forward to new and improved software, hardware and ways of keeping equipment operating properly.

      Enjoy and have fun!


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