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    What a fun day! After wrangling escaped chickens and fixing their cage I come in to see the mail lady stopped in the driveway with the car pointing at my house. She exits the vehicle to go to back for the package and I notice vehicle still moving. Holler “Hey, your car’s still moving”.  She replies, “Can you catch it for me”?

    Chase it down, can’t get in to hit brakes because she has seat pulled all the way forward and I’m kind of tall. Totally unfamiliar with the type of car she was in but was able to hit emergency brake and throw it in park just 10′ away from the house, right where the natural gas line inlet is! I’m laughing, she’s almost crying. Gave her a soft drink and told her all’s well that ends well!

    Never Say Never

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      It’s a darn good thing you could run fast enough to catch it before it did any damage.

      Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake as soon as you make it again.

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        I sure ain’t no speed demon Mr Charlie! Was just blessed that I came in when I did, noticed her and that the ground was soggy from rain. Vehicle slowed down a bit after leaving the driveway and hitting the lawn. I can handle the ruts. The alternative could have been so much worse!

        Never Say Never

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