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    I’m a windows user and have been sense day one. I have no knowledge  of Chromebooks but I’m thinking of getting one for my wife but, i need to find out which is good and what to look out for. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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      A chromebook with snapdragon 7c with 4G LTE would be my choice.
      Snapdragon CPU’s = very good battery life and CPU power.
      Then there’s the ChromeOS support life to consider:
      These models below are supported until 2029 (longest at time of posting and not all snapdragon)

      Random picks for 2029 ChromeOS expiry:

      Acer Chromebook 514 (CB514-1W, CB514-1WT)
      Asus Chromebook CR1100CKA
      HP Chromebook 11 G9 EE
      Lenovo S560-14
      NEC Chromebook Y3
      Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go
      Sharp Dynabook Chromebook C1

      There are more but these are major branded models, happy hunting!

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      I bought one; hardly look at it.

      I suspect Chromebook is wanted because of all the problems Microsoft has chosen to send us with their updates for things few of us need or want.

      I would suggest one gets one with the largest amount of memory, a touch screen, and a two terabit flash drive, so all your work and programs are not in the cloud. Cloud resources don’t always work the way you would like them to, and Google is often sending things; “what is this?” stuff.

      The learning curve of using a Chromebook is about as long, and not effortless, as any other operating system. I’ve grown up with everything from CP/M, PC DOS, MS DOS, WINDOWS, and tried to use Linux==crashed my system and had to buy a new laptop. I suppose if I had the money at the time, I should have gone to a repair shop, although I did that with Dell one time and they crashed my system as well; had to get another one, at my expense.

      Older laptops, refurbished, are often now about the same cost as a Chromebook, and closeouts of laptops often have great prices, since stores often have to commit to buying and selling lots of them, with many left over.

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      Pretty much chromebooks made in the last few years have the capability to run android apps and linux applications using the terminal.  Hence, you can run things like gimp, libreoffice, Firefox ESR, and whatever you can install.  You should get a system with 8 cpus and at lease 128Gb memory, if you plan to use linux capability.  I just upgraded to acer 13 inch 8 cpu 256Gb. I have computers with Linux and Windows 10 installed also.  The learning curve with chromebooks is mostly key board, which is different from window; it’s really not that hard to figure out and well worth the hassle.  Much less BS than windows.  As a user, I would still keep a windows machine around for the software that don’t run well on linux or unavailable.  People will say you can use wine to run windows app on linux.  I do use wine for a hand full of apps and VM with window install for more compatibility.

      Personally, I set-up a dedicated gmail account with history, location etc all turned off.  I don’t use email with this account, don’t use google search and I disable google assistance.   At least digit information is minimize to google.


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