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    The concept fascinates me.

    And if we’re inside a simulation – which I think likely – how do we break out? Indeed, what does “break out” mean?

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      Sounds like an episode of The Twilight Zone to me, Woody! Meanwhile, in an alternate reality about a week or 2 before Trump took office… http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/1/9/1618243/-Cartoon-Farewell-address

      Bought a refurbished Windows 10 64-bit, currently updated to 22H2. Have broke the AC adapter cord going to the 8.1 machine, but before that, coaxed it into charging. Need to buy new adapter if wish to continue using it.
      Wild Bill Rides Again...

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      Ever thought ???

      What keeps them out is what keeps you in.
      -Chinese/zen saying


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      … And if we’re inside a simulation – which I think likely …

      Has Morpheus been slipping you red pills again?

      [One of the best movies ever, imo!]

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      My philosophy is far, so maybe I will make mistakes, but can you even break out? Is there anything else about you except in the simulation? I think the question that is the most relevant is the difficult question of consciousness, that can be conceived as an epiphenomenon. When you think about it, what is consciousness? Could there be such a thing as machine consciousness? Is it only some kind of side-effect?

      And if there is complete determinism, we are only observers of what is happening. The only choice is then the illusion of choice. I think this might be similar to Spinoza’s idea of god, a rational god, which would be conceived as everything that exists in all its extension, all its dimensions, including time. Being aware of god would be that realization that elevates you by observing that something exists rather than nothing, and maybe be impressed by that à la Heidegger and being aware of your limitations to understand it. This god have nothing to do with the usual suspects. It is just a concept representing everything and in which you, tiny little part of it, realizes that you are part of it and that is about the only thing you can do relatively to that.

      So, enjoy your simulation because that might be all you have. Maybe you will find clues of it that could indicate you are in it, but you will never know when it stops and never get to the bottom of it. What I find particularly freaky is the idea of movement. If the world is discrete, there needs to be some kind of teleportation, a hop from one set of infinitesimal coordinate to another with nothing in between. It makes no sense. If the universe is continuous, then you have to face the paradox of Zenon and it makes no sense either. Each time you want to go somewhere, you have to first travel half the distance and do that an infinite amount of time, so you would never reach destination. How can there be a limit to the size of the Universe? Put it in a box, where is that box? Same for the infinitesimal. How can there be an end? That’s it now I will have nightmares again! ?

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      @Woody, why do you think it is “likely”?

      And how do you define “simulation”?

      Do you think you are the only real “one” in your simulation, or are (most of) the rest of us also real and we are all participating in a shared simulation?

      Do you think that there are simultaneous alternate universes that you/we are participating in (maybe originating from what was, at one point, a single past/story) where different paths are taken and different outcomes happen?

      [If so, out of all the possibilities, why did we/you/I get lumbered with *this* particularly painful version of 2017 US politics?  Was this described in one of the chapters of Dante’s Inferno that I skipped over as a freshman?  Is this a test?  A big joke?  Aaugh!  Is it universal blow-back on Earthlings because Oprah popularized “The Secret” and tons of people were doing all kinds of un-thought-through “cosmic ordering”?]

      I don’t read science fiction novels and I don’t watch much tv or see many popular movies, plus I’m not a follower of folks who are into conjecturing about this sort of thing (like Musk), and I wasn’t raised with much religious education to speak of, so I don’t have as extensive of a set of cultural stories/visual images/expectations about these issues implanted in my thoughts/consciousness  as most (ages 10-80) Westerners will at this point in time.

      Which I am glad about — I think it verges on sinister that some creative people imagine and portray the most far-out future scenarios in order to shock, scare, entertain, make money from (to put into comics, movies, tv shows), but then there is a sort of “pull” on (some people in) the world to actually go in that direction and make those things “real” — even if they are heartless, frightening, violent, possibly/probably not for the greatest good of all.



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