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    I just began using a new Dell pc with v2004 pro installed updated to the October update. For the past 3 weeks, Reliability History Monitor shows about 25 “Successful Application Reconfiguration” listings related to Dell, Intel, Windows Visual c, Qualcomm Bluetooth etc. Details state that “Windows Installer Reconfigured the Product…”. Some of the ones in the listings seem to be duplicates.

    I have not installed anything in the past 2 weeks on this pc, other than automatic daily Defender update.  Curiously these daily “reconfigurations” have a time listed as exactly 26 minutes after Defender updates.

    There have been no errors in Reliability History other than a few “Windows was not properly shut down” – which it was. Solved this by turning off “Fast Startup”.

    On the same model pc running v1909 pro, these reconfigurations seem to appear when something is actually installed other than Defender updates.

    Any enlightment on this. I did try a search on this topic, but not successful.

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      Maybe Microsoft is not following their own recommendation? Has this also happened if you use any preinstalled Dell support software?

      Open Event Viewer and look under Windows Logs > Application. Do you see many MsiInstaller events?

      Also open Task Scheduler and look to see if their might be an unusual trigger in there.

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      If you got some DELL “support software” installed, uninstall the software.

      Here is a solution for HP with similar problem.


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        Thanks to both of you for your responses.

        Yesterday I uninstalled Dell Support Assistant. Today no application reconfiguration messages; hopefully this will continue. A day or so before I had tried to “disable” Support Assistant by not allowing it to run on its own, but to no avail. I think the program has a product recovery routine that runs when anything is installed.

        After I posted the message, I traced the time when the messages started to when I installed Support Assistant as it was installed on another identical Dell but running v1909. Dell Update, also installed, is far less intrusive it seems.

        In previous versions of Windows on our Dell pcs, I never used these support programs as I did not install bios, intel, etc updates with rare exception. With Win 10, I suppose I should keep up with updates through Dell programs as I do not allow Windows to install its own 3rd party updates.. Maybe I am incorrect on this.

        I also looked at Event Viewer and Task Scheduler that I was not familiar with. While useful, I doubt that I would have determined the problem looking at them.

        Thanks again.

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          I do not allow Windows to install its own 3rd party updates.. Maybe I am incorrect on this…

          No you are not incorrect, Windows 10 will sometimes pick older or non applicable drivers. Some of these odd Windows 10 suggestions are correct: If you have connected a device once long ago Microsoft is sure to remember that fact if a driver for a hardware feature was installed at the time.

          Nothing is perfect, sometimes you will have to double check the Dell suggested updates. Good fortune and Good Day!

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        2021 06 24

        I have been having the same problem with my Dell computer running win 10 (2004). I just uninstalled Dell Suppport Assist after reading the link you posted about HP computers. I hope this solves my problem also. I had uninstalled Dell Support Assist previously but after a time it has always came back with no input from me that I know of. I want to thank you for helping us who are not as computer literate as I would like to be. You have helped me with a couple of my problems before. Thanks.

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          Hi CT47:

          See the discussion in DELLKaren’s 22-Apr-2021 thread “Successful Application Reconfiguration” and SupportAssist about this flood of “Successful Application Reconfiguration” events that are logged in the Win 10 Reliability Monitor.

          There is a feature in Dell SupportAssist called System Repair [Options (gear icon) Settings | System Repair | System Repair is Turned On] that is enabled by default, and disabling this feature seems to stop the majority of these events for users posting in DELLKaren’s thread. Just note that if you turn off System Repair this will delete all the system repair points (snapshots) created by Dell in the hidden folder C:\ProgramData\Dell\SARemediation\SystemRepair\ and you will not be able to use Dell’s built-in system recovery tools for an emergency recovery. This isn’t an issue for me since I have full disk images stored on a removable USB backup drive and bootable USB recovery media that I’ve created with Macrium Reflect Free.


          System Repair is associated with the SupportAssist OS Recovery tools and SupportAssist Remediation. If you have already uninstalled SupportAssist and are still seeing a daily flood of “Successful Application Reconfiguration” events there is a second way to turn off System Repair in the SupportAssist OS Recovery settings manager – go to Control Panel | System and Security | SupportAssist OS Recovery | Settings | System Repair and turn off System Repair there.


          Dell has acknowledged this “Successful Application Reconfiguration” problem although I’m not sure what plans, if any, they have to fix it. See Dell employee NikhilKiroula’s 01-Jul-2021 post <here> in DELLKaren’s thread, which states in part:

          The SupportAssist OS Recovery Tools will need to collect its related components’ information by making the WMI call to the Win32_Product. This takes place about 30 minutes after the user’s login has occurred. The MicroSoft website says that this is a byproduct of calling the Win32_Product which will lead to this problem…”

          Dell Inspiron 15 5584 * 64-bit Win 10 Pro v20H2 build 19042.1052 * Dell SupportAssist v3.10.0.47 * Dell SupportAssist Remediation v5.4.1.14954 * Dell Update v4.2.1

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