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    When I look under my profile and click on Subscriptions, I see the topics I have recently subscribed to.  I had subscribed to them by clicking the “Subscribe” link at the top of a topic page.

    In the right-most panel (the area on the right one with the wood-like wallpaper) under the heading Search for Topics, there is a link named “My subscribed topics”.  I expected to find the topics I subscribed to that are listed under Profile > Subscriptions to be the same ones that are listed under this wood-panel link.  But nothing is there.

    How are Profile > Subscriptions different from Search for Topic’s “Topics subscribed to”?

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      I believe there is a difference in terms of Topics Subscribed To, and where you may also have subscribed to fora (not topics).
      This, however, doesn’t explain the difference you are seeing. In checking mine, I have a difference of 2 between topics and subscriptions.

      I suspect they do come from different parts of the infrastructure, so the Search for Topics links are through the Lounge’s BBPress. I believe the profile’s links to be more through WordPress (I could be off the mark here).

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        What action makes a “subscribe” appear under the link “My subscribed topics”??

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          I’m not sure, having tried subscribing to this topic. It’s possible there’s some kind of a database corruption?

          When I subscribed to this topic, it is showing in the Profile>Subscriptions list, but not in My Subscribed Topics. I’ll let it be known… we’ve found a few bugs since the server change, this may be another, or may be unrelated.

          Thanks for sharing your experiences 🙂

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            It happens with Favorites, too.
            Posts are in Profiles>Favorites, but not in right panel>Search for Topics>My favorite topics.


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          Can you pop me a screen shot of what yours looks like under your profile and then subscriptions?  In mine it shows the Plus membership payments I’ve made.

          Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      This was happening before the server move. I had posted about it and did not get a through answer. I only subscribe in one way that I know of but the two lists are very different. Well maybe not VERY, but they are different.



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      See here. I was right/ VERY different 🙂

      From The right hand column, then my subs:


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      Seems like the problem was “fixed” by getting rid of “My favorite topics” and “My subscribed topics” under the heading Search for Topics. Is this a temporary fix? or a permanent one?

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        Mine’s still not working.  Supposedly updating plug-ins should fix it but I still think it’s not matching.  Thank you for your patience.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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        Now, about 5 hours later, the links “My favorite topics” and “My subscribed topics’ under the Search for Topics heading are back, but as before there is nothing under the links. Apparently, the “fix” that I noticed at 2:55pm was temporary.

        Very odd behavior. (Just reporting, not complaining!)

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