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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Do they still produce software in boxes with a CD-ROM inside?   Oh!  How I miss those days.  I wish I had a copy of Win10 on a CD so I could do a simple RIP.  In the old days when computing was simpler, you’d just stick the Windows (95, 98, 2000) CD in the slot and it would only overwrite and replace the missing files that you accidentally deleted or got corrupted.

      Sadly, those days are (long) over and the once simple process is now a major production.


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      I’ve got MS CD’s or DVD’s for Win 95, Win98 SE, Win XP, and Win 7 Home Premium, and MS Office 2003.  I know it’s probably hard to believe but I also have 3½” floppies for Win 3.1 and DOS 6.22.  I keep them in special boxes in a closet out of harms way.

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      Access of course! I started on Access 2

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      My favorite is Microsoft Money Deluxe, which was replaced by a download version called Microsoft Money Sunset Edition when Microsoft stopped servicing the original; the latter doesn’t connect to the internet. My second favorite is Microsoft Works 9, which includes Word, Spreadsheet, DataBase, Calendar and Portfolio. The CD is not copy protected, so it can be copied as a whole onto a USB stick to install the software on a laptop that doesn’t have a DVD combo drive. Both boxed software programs will run just fine on Windows ME, Vista, XP, 7, 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, and all versions of 10. I don’t know about 11. I much prefer Works 9 to the modern Office software because Works 9 also doesn’t connect to the internet, which in my view is a good thing, and is simpler and meets my straightforward simple needs.


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      What is your favorite Microsoft boxed software? None.

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      +1 MS Money Sunset Ed. I’m still recommending this to F&F as a free easy to use financial tool. The only need for the Internet is to download stock prices and with my limited portfolio it’s easy enough to enter them manually once a Month.

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      Excluding Windows itself here, which I bought a number of times in boxed form

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      Still use S&T today on a VM for want of something better.

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      Well, I do have a special boxed software edition that I keep for the memories.  Part of a collection from years of working on certain projects.

      Blast from the past:



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      I have MS Works 4.5 on floppies. I still use it for simple and quick and dirty stuff.

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      I still have the boxed version of MS Front Page97, complete with owners manual. I tried to install it a few weeks ago and got a prompt during install that some funky sounding .dll was missing or not installed, so I backed out of the install.  I figure whatever .dll is missing has long since disappeared, and I probably …. make that wouldn’t ….. know how or where to install it even if I had one.

      Too bad, too.  I loved that thing.  Without it, I’d have never been able to build online communities for AOL cuz’ I didn’t and still don’t know a lick of code.

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      Office 97 : still in use
      Windows 95 : 😥


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