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    I’m trying to connect to  Windows 11 Microsoft account computer (non local login) from a computer that is using a local account.

    If I create a local account on the computer I can RD into it but obviously dont have access to the files, desktop, etc.

    What credentials do I use to access the MS account user login?


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      The email address and password connected to the Microsoft account.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Just a note that if you normally use a PIN to log into the machine you’re connecting to, you’ll need to log in to it with the Microsoft account password at least once. Otherwise the RDP connection won’t accept the password.

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      Still not able to get in. I have tried:

      email address
      AzureAD\email address
      ComputerName\email address

      Also tried all of the above with the user name.
      Password I am using is correct, I can login using it locally

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          I tried to to run  winver as the user as  link suggested but I’m getting an incorrect password from the command prompt, but I know the password is correct, I can log into outlook.com without issue and can log in/unlock the computer with it

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        If it on a domain has the firewall been adjusted to allow rdp?

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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          I tried with the domain firewall turned off and also have a firewall incoming rule that says mstsc.exe & my RD port as open –  for domain, private & public.

          I’m able to make the connection but not authenticate

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            So let’s back up a bit.  Is the computer on a domain? If so the rdp log in is Domain\username and then the password.

            You are remoting in from the same local network and not externally, correct?

            If on a domain the firewall ports are Remote desktop usermode tcp ip /usermode udp in, make sure you not just do plain remote desktop but the specific usermode  tcp/udp rules in the firewall.

            Next look in the event logs on the workstation.

            Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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              its not on a domain as in business computer with domain controller.


              It is Just a stand alone user on win 11 Pro and using Microsoft account to log in.
              under settings – Accounts Other Users it says – work or school users


              AzureAD\JohnSmith (Administrator)
              The user name has NO space so in the section but at the top of the settings screen a it says “John Smith” with a s space and the email address john@johnsmith.com


              I am removing in from the same same network (LAN) and get the login box but it wont take any credentials. If I try the runas trick from here https://cmdrkeene.com/remote-desktop-with-microsoft-account-sign-in/

              I also cant get the correct credentials to run winver

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              Okay now we’re getting to the bottom of this – Azure AD joined machines have a different log in process.  You have to basically auth to the cloud to get into the machine sitting right next to you.

              • Launch Remote Desktop Connection from Windows Search, or by running mstsc.exe.
              • Select Use a web account to sign in to the remote computer option in the Advanced tab. This option is equivalent to the enablerdsaadauth RDP property. For more information, see Supported RDP properties with Remote Desktop Services.
              • Specify the name of the remote computer and select Connect.


                IP address cannot be used when Use a web account to sign in to the remote computer option is used. The name must match the hostname of the remote device in Azure AD and be network addressable, resolving to the IP address of the remote device.

              • When prompted for credentials, specify your user name in user@domain.com format.
              • You’re then prompted to allow the remote desktop connection when connecting to a new PC. Azure AD remembers up to 15 hosts for 30 days before prompting again. If you see this dialogue, select Yes to connect.

              Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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              P.S. Azure AD  (aka now Entra ) is not the same as a consumer Microsoft account.

              Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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              thank you

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              Did it work?

              Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Have you tried MicrosoftAccount\emailaddress?

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