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    Good question from s: You moved to Defcon2 for August but we still don’t know what to do with the July patches. (Win 7) !!?? Short answer: Nothing. W[See the full post at: What should you do with the July patches?]

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      Not just W7, this also applies to W8.1 AskWoody Group B patchers. (just in case you missed that)

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        @Microfix: just to make absolutely sure: people on Win 7 and Win 8.1 Group B (= security patches only) should not yet install July’s security patches. When it is safe to do so this site will give a clear signal for that. Correct?

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      DECLINE, baby, DECLINE on anything now showing as superseded! We do the cumulative patches.

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      Re: W7 SO Updates

      I missed your post, and consequently became a beta tester in that I installed the July 2018 security-only updates earlier today and the IE 11 update. Here’s what I did:

      I installed KB 4338823 (security-only update) without a restart. Then I installed KB 4345459 (fix for 4338823) and then restarted my computer. I then installed KB 4339093 (IE 11 update) followed by a restart.

      So far, all is okay. I hope this information will be helpful to others. One thing I discovered earlier during the March 2018 updates is that it was essential to have the driver for my internet adapter up to date. At first, March updates borked my internet but after a restore and then updating the driver from the manufacturer, things worked out okay for March and subsequently.

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      I’ll sit on my hands and wait for the all clear.

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        After waiting for more than three weeks, I fully patched my Windows 7 machine, Group-B style, through July, except for the .NET updates. No problems.

        But there is nothing in the July updates that makes it really urgent to install them, so waiting for the DEFCON to go up is fine too.

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      Since “Monthly Quality Rollup” updates are cumulative, whether they be Security or Security and Quality patches, you wouldn’t need to install the previous months Rollups before the current month…correct?  I hid these July patches with the intention I wouldn’t install them and wait instead to get caught up with the August patches.  OK strategy?

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        If you’re on Windows 7 or 8.1 & consider yourself ‘Group A’, you’re OK. If you’re ‘Group B’, you need to catch up with July & August patches when MS-DEFCON moves up to at least 3. ‘Group B’ is the old way to patch & is non-cumulative. Some prefer B, but A is easier for me, & I haven’t had problems with it… Yet.

        Bought a refurbished Windows 10 64-bit, currently updated to 22H2. Have broke the AC adapter cord going to the 8.1 machine, but before that, coaxed it into charging. Need to buy new adapter if wish to continue using it.
        Wild Bill Rides Again...

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          wildbill, the problem is not that Group A is having problems or not but rather that with Group A one is allowing Microsoft to place telemetry on your computer. The whole reason Group B was formed at Woody’s was to install security (only) patches that kept the computer secure, yet did not allow telemetry. Not allowing Group A also prevents some Windows enhancements but if your computer is running fine and you do not have any complaints, why worry about enhancements? My Windows 7 is running in a boring way, nothing goes wrong. I am Group B.

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      Hello, how can you give such generalize recommendation? For which product do you recommend it?

      For Example for Exchange 2013 they are know two remote vulnerability – one of them is already demonstrated and was discovered outside MS.



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        The guidance here primarily pertains to Windows and Office client products. In previous posts, Woody mentioned that if you use Internet Explorer or Flash, you should either patch or stop using them for now. But for normal consumer use of Windows, ignoring the July patch for a while longer is pretty safe.

        If you have a specialized need (such as Exchange server), you will need specialized advice. Susan “Patch Lady” Bradley often gives such specialized advice.

        Ultimately, though, you are responsible for your own systems, and need to make the decision that fits for you. Not everyone on this site has the same needs or patching style. Hence people referring to “Group A”, “B”, “W”, and so on.

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          Thank for reply, I don’t disagree.

          But my point is that nowhere on this page is stated for which products advice is. Title state ” July patches” which are all released this week. What is specialized need? If is this advice only for casual consumers with Windows/Office then fine, but I think it should be written more accurately.

          PS: If this advice is for end-users, why is C2R office always missing? I think is now impossible to buy Office 2016 in non C2R version. WU/WSUS version is only avaitable for volume license.

          And Office 2019 will be only C2R

          Have a nice day!

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      Hmm..defcon level 2? Excuse my disbelief just trying to get something off my chest/clarified. Did MS fix the problem updates? Probably not. Presume they are carrying on their anti 7 crusade by ‘accidently’ crippling the OS by ‘updates’. Installed the Windows malicious software tool in July, last update before that was in June. Holding off on the rest of July and August until Woody gives the all clear.
      Dual boot Win7 Pro/linux Mint, Linux Mint only on another machine.
      Life goes on, I’m just old and crotchety (G)..

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      Hmm..defcon level 2? Excuse my disbelief just trying to get something off my chest/clarified. Did MS fix the problem updates?

      Well, sort of, with more patches later in July but, due to the mess they created, Woody has thought better of it and advises to skip July updates and wait until August’s updates have cleared testing. Once we reach MS-DEFCON 3 or above, instructions will be given to safely patch systems for both July AND August.

      For now, best to wait.

      No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created IT- AE
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