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    Win10 Anniversary Update still has significant bugs; Fall (November) Update holds a hotfix surprise. InfoWorld Woody on Windows
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      Well, one post is certainly not enough to list all the things broken… and each update adds loads of more bugs. Not even Dell computers can handle the junk anymore (Local Session Manager hangs after each update so you have to pull the plug…, orphaned Internet Explorer processes every now and then when delete history on exit is enabled, SmartScreen won’t delete temp files (URLxxxx.tmp), Windows Media Player ends up in an infinite loop after a while when streaming audio, explorer.exe crashes randomly, icons/folders of fresh installed software are locked in start menu until explorer.exe gets restarted, Windows Modules Installer Worker (tiworker.exe) runs forever freezing the mouse!, name the other thousands of bugs introduced in Windows 10 here). Apparently, Microsoft is breaking everything that was not broken in previous versions of Windows, and Widows 10 is by far the worst and most unreliable Windows version since Windows 98.

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      Gack! When InfoWorld finally posts the article, can you post links to the outstanding problems?

      Much appreciated – and there are lots of people out there who will be grateful, as well.

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      Among several other issues:
      ThinkPad Yoga S1 AU 1607 – won’t restart or shutdown. Probably a driver issue, but I can’t find a solution.
      Dell XPS AU 1607 – won’t boot unless I remove Logitech wireless mouse Unifying Receiver dongle: https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/48zrkb/windows_10_stuck_at_spinning_circle_login_screen/

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      Yech. Sounds like two driver problems to me…..

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      Windows update has been running since 4pm yesterday. I had logged in to start my work day only to find it still updating. This is ridiculous. I have lost countless work hours. Why can’t Microsoft tell you how long the update will take or at least give you the option of installing in segments. I hate it.

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      I have an older Dell XPS all-in-one. I installed Windows 10 with the update and the monitor won’t come on. I can see the Windows logo when the boot starts, but when Windows actually comes up, the screen is just black and won’t turn on.

      I (luckily) have TeamViewer installed so I can remote into the machine and can confirm that everything is working fine.

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      Our CPA firm has a server and since the Windows 10 was installed and consequently with the upgrades, there is a problem with the computer freezing, especially when using both Adobe and QuickBooks (ie trying to save a QB report to PDF). Never noticed this before the Windows 10 install. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or is it an anomaly with our system?

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      Hi, i have a question that hopefully you will be able to answer, i was able to use my Fujitsu AH531 running windows 10 last night and this morning it will not even load up the the login screen, stating ‘snp2uvc.sys’, can you inform me what i should do as i am a student and really need to revise.

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      btw Woody – I hid the ‘Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607’ using wushowhide some time ago and confirmed it was hidden. But now if check again, it is no longer there. How can that be? I have not been offered it again.

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      There’s a long line of similar problems here:


      It looks like your computer won’t run Windows 10:


      Many people would regard that as a godsend, not a limitation…. 🙂

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      Very good question – and I have no idea either. Over on the InfoWorld article comments, there was someone who couldn’t block it with wushowhide either.

      There’s something fishy. Maybe it’s related to the “Revision 2” version of the KB???


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      A godsend it is, Woody! But does it work for every one? I have had a couple of problems lately. one, I not sure of and the other was outright my miss que. Forgot to start one of the items in “service” that Canadian Tech advised to stop,correct problem then restart again,on my computer. Didn’t start one of the services and complete havoc occurred within my computer. Got it stopped, went in and started the service I forgot to restart and restarted my computer, everything (I think) is working well. Now to go thru,sort and adjust all of these new updates, keep what I need, then install and see what happens! I just have the feeling that one or two of the updates have been severely doctored MS. Thanks Woody and to all other commenters.

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      “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance. It’s a $500 subsidized item.”
      ~ Steve Ballmer, April 2007

      “We want to move from people needing Windows, to choosing Windows, to loving Windows,”..”That is our goal.”
      ~ Satya Nadella, January 2015

      I sense a trend 😉

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      I like to remind myself that the iPhone business is as big as all of Microsoft. ALL of Microsoft.

      I was also stunned to figure out that the Apple Watch business is more-or-less the same size as the Surface business.

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      Hi Woody, Upgraded my too small Asus-EEEnetbook (My Ultimate BadBuy) by mistake from W10.1511 to W10.1607 ((how does one do that? well just not looking good anough, hah))….
      Gues what: all is working, at least the things I looked at. Even the bug for not identifying the Kobo-ereader is fixed.
      is the normal people finally getting it’s “money-worth”? Or is it just waiting to the next big fall and scam of M$?
      Only WHY systemrestore is disabled?…. who can tell
      regards fred

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      Steve Ballmer should run for President.
      He knows very well how things are, but he is a big actor at the same time.

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      Should we expect Windows 10 in addition to being a desktop OS and phone OS to become a watch OS in the near future, just to catch up with Apple?! 🙂

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      You just defined Continuum. The hardware isn’t there yet but, yes, the grand plan is to have Win10 run on everything – including your refrigerator.


      Chances of commercial success for “Windows everywhere” aren’t particularly high, in my opinion. Amazon’s way out in front at the moment – led by Charlie Kindel, the guy who invented Windows Home Server (one of my favorite MS products of all time). And Windows’ reputation has taken a well-deserved beating.

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      Good news!

      I’m almost ready to move from 1511 to 1607. Almost.

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      Oh, no, I like my fridge the way it is, without a need for monthly updates 🙂
      The Amazon story is interesting and I might have to look into it, in particular in relation to the Cloud evolutions.
      Is anyone aware that Azure had major DNS issues worldwide yesterday or the day before? Go Cloud!

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      System Restore has been deprecated in Windows 10 and trust Microsoft on this one, it is a good thing.

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      Yeah, Susan Bradley’s check list – which I watch constantly – went offline for almost 24 hours.

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      I see Microfail has shed hundreds more jobs, mainly in Redmond and London.


      Even less chance now, for trouble free updating !

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      Naw. The big round of tester cuts came more than a year ago. These are mostly Skype related (and given the current condition of Skype it’s easy to understand why).

      Microsoft’s a huge company – 114,000 people. 520 job cuts is really tough if you’re one of the 520, but overall it’s a tiny slice.

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      Almost seems about right. There are still some major bugs.

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      The AU blocks just fine on both my older laptop and my tablet with wushowhide (both are Windows 10 Pro).

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      If my longer comment with links does not post, let me post here that my brand-new Intel NUC micro-PC hit then known bug that under certain circumstances or after certain updates, Default Apps revert to MS UWP/Metro Apps, and can’t be changed through the normal Settings Pane. It’s a Registry corruption issue, and the fix ain’t pretty!

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      @ch100 right,
      so I do want to believe, but I am suffering from a so called “doubting Thomas syndrome”;
      can you give some example please 🙂

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      Here it happened that this update to 1607 was excluded, but suddenly, after a day or two whan I hit the search ==>> this upgrade started uninvited. who’s the crook here mr.M$?

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      I’ve heard from several friends that they’re now getting 1607 pushed onto their machines.

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      Hi, Woody. The main ones yes, but these are recent according to Zd.net. Quote, unquote !

      Microsoft is continuing to follow through with the 2,850 additional job cuts company officials announced back in July that they’d be making during fiscal 2017.

      The latest round of cuts, which happened this past week, affected both Redmond and London (as well as some other geographies).

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      Mary Jo was talking about the old job cut announcement. These are new, as she explains.

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      Update — my NUC and File Associations (Anniversary Update).

      Long and short of it is the issue seems to be worse in some user accounts than in others. But generally, once the Default Apps are established through the more granular File Types Associations, they do tend to stick. The Metro Settings screen is still useless.

      Definitely a bug in the AU or Win 10 itself.

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      Hi Woody,
      I use (Windows 7) Image backup, which is still available on Windows 10. It worked well in the past but under Windows 10 gets stuck at 97%. I have tried this on different laptops, different external drives with the exact same result. Looking around the internet it seems to be a long standing problem?
      Look forward to reading you comments.

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      I hear from a lot of folks that the Win7 backup (particularly as carried into Win10) doesn’t work reliably. Thus, there’s a good reason to use alternatives.

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