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    The run-of-the-mill cumulative updates had all the usual problems. But the other patches were a bit odd. I’m still amazed that the cumulative updates
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      For me the October updates went without a noticeable hitch. If Mary Jo Foley is correct, her sources say we may not see a Spring 2021 upgrade and instead won’t see another until next Fall. Microsoft intends to focus on Windows X for Spring whatever  that means? I’d be happy with the minimal 20h2 and a nice pause for feature upgrades.

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      As of Oct. 13, both Office 2010 and Exchange 2010 fell off the support cycle. You won’t get any more patches. A pity, really, because Office 2010 (in spite of its interface peculiarities) was a real workhorse. Patch Lady Susan Bradley has details.

      We use Office 2010 still. Is there possibility to have servicing period prologued? Lets say Office 2010 ESU?
      I mean it will still work on our computers well with no problem whatsoever (very stable and reliable version it is for me), but auditors can be really picky with these ones..

      Dell Latitude 3420, Intel Core i7 @ 2.8 GHz, 16GB RAM, W10 22H2 Enterprise

      HAL3000, AMD Athlon 200GE @ 3,4 GHz, 8GB RAM, Fedora 29

      PRUSA i3 MK3S+

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        I think 0patch is a possibility for security updates.

      • #2306320


        highly doubtful that Microsoft will ever create an ESU-like program for Office 2010 like they did with Win7 (well MS didn’t make one for Office 2007)

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        doriel, I’ve got four Office 2010 updates dated Oct. 13 showing in my Windows Update in Windows 7.  I haven’t installed them yet but will when I get the all clear from Susan.  I think I’ll check that right now.

        Edit:  They are all shown as not approved in Master Patch List.

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      For the first time in recent memory, there were none at all for Internet Explorer

      Wow. I had to reread this sentence twice because I thought my eyes were being cheated. I don’t ever recall this happening before, does anyone remember? I’m still sceptical that explorer could have zero vulnerabilities exposed in the last month when it’s as leaky as Flash.

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      Printer “Offline”, but it’s not.

      Very recently, on my Lenovo P520c Desktop, when attempting to print, my HP LaserJet Pro MFP M227 is “Offline” according to the computer (it’s not offline).  If I reboot the computer, what I ‘sent’ the printer prints – with no further action on my part.  My laptop (Lenovo W541) would print OK, but today, it’s doing the same thing.  After sending a print job to the HP printer, the computer says it’s offline.  If I reboot the laptop, it prints – with no further action on my part.  This just started *very* recently.  I suspect a recent Widows-10 patch messed with something.  Anyone else seeing this?

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        We’ve seen several printer problems with this round of updates. Nothing we can put our finger on yet.

        What version of Win10 are you running?
        What was your latest update (KB #)?

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        My husband’s computer does this sometimes, but has been doing it for some time.  If it was update-related, I have no idea which one.  I, too find the easiest solution is to restart; it prints what is in the queue then everything is fine.

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      Installed today Oct. updates on 1909 Pro :

      Adobe Flash Player KB4580325
      .NET KB4578974
      CU KB4577671
      Servicing stack KB4577670.

      No ill effects.

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      ‘Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software’
      Can it be turned off? Is it a 2004 feature only?

      I dont get it how many people will this save from them self vs how much equipment will it possibly make useless.

      • #2306600

        That message has been around for years and occurs because the driver is not signed. This generally means you are installing a very old driver – are you sure you want to do that?

        It could be that your machine doesn’t have valid / updated certificates.

        What is the driver?
        Where did you get it?
        Have you checked for other drivers?
        Check if it is signed. Right click, Properties, Digital Signature.

        cheers, Paul

    • #2306605

      ‘Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software’

      When installing incorrectly formatted third-party drivers, you might receive an error

      Resolved OS Build 19041.572
      KB4579311 Resolved: 2020-10-20, 10:06 PT

      When installing a third-party driver, you might receive the error, “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this driver software”. You may also see the error “No signature was present in the subject” when attempting to view the signature properties using Windows Explorer.

      This issue occurs when one or more of the following is present in a driver package:
      an improperly formatted catalog file is identified during validation by Windows. Starting with this release, Windows will require the validity of DER encoded PKCS#7 content in catalog files. Catalogs files must be signed per section 11.6 of describing DER-encoding for SET OF members in X.690.
      a driver catalog file extension is not one of the supported extensions.

      Next steps: If this happens you should contact the driver vendor or device manufacturer (OEM) and ask them for an updated driver to correct the issue.

    • #2306959

      This update fore adobe flash was offered on patch tuesday- using wushowhide, I ‘hid’ this and others. It shows again on 23Oct in WU


      It is Hidden(I checked) so I try to hide it again and wushowhide says “No updates available” Yet as you can see, wu says it IS available. Also, I uninstalled flash sometime last week- but a search shows the following:

      so, there are quite a few references to flash but not in control panel.

      Any thoughts good people?

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    • #2307240


      Upon closer inspection using a larger font and better glasses, I find this flash update was installed on 16 Oct. It is hidden in wushowhide


      and showing as ready for download in WU Que. It is not found in Uninstall updates, nor is flash in control panel as I uninstalled it(I dont recall when- within the last 2 weeks I think) As seen in #2306959 Search Everything reveals reference to “flash” in many places. So I have flash uninstalled (from control panel) Flash update INSTALLED, Flash update Hidden and flash update in wu que. Also, wushowhide states nothing found in wu que to hide. Yet these screen shots show I’ve got this residue all over the place! Any ideas on how to clean this mess up??

      Also, I’ll add the following in case it has anything to do with this confusing situation. Apologies if the addition is ‘off topic’ Just want to include any pertinant detailswu doesn’t seem to call home very regularly which is bothersome. It checked for updates early in the day on 13 Oct on east coast but Oct Tues patch didn’t check again until 15th or 16th.

      I do not have edge installed nor chredge nor chrome and explorer is…disabled?

      FWIW, I have windows autoupdate set to “2” ,notify don’t download, with metered set to off.



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      • #2307306

        I don’t trust Microsoft’s wushowhide anymore and moved to wumgr.

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        • #2307534

          Downloaded and am impressed- Thank you! In your experience, is there anything I should do regarding the items hidden in wushowhide? What about the group policy settings to show but do not download? I also have set to keep me on ver 1909….

          I think my question becomes should I try to undo the changes I’ve made to mitigate any damage by ms patching and depend solely on WUmgr?



          • #2307586

            mitigate any damage by ms patching

            If patching has damaged your machine then WuMgr will not make it better. It uses the same MS patches, but with a different interface.

            cheers, Paul

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            • #2308002

              @Paul  I don’t see any damage, just multiple instances of offering in wu que, wushowhide and already installed! However, the WU que finally emptied yesterday.

              WUmgr is a bit more esoteric than wushowhide w/o any real instructions.

    • #2307590

      to mitigate any damage by ms patching and depend solely on WUmgr?

      If you are on a Pro version then GP ‘notify…’ = 2 and the usual deferrals of Quality/Feature updates will keep you from auto installing of monthly/yearly updates.
      You can set quality deferral = 0 to see what’s coming and then use Wumgr to hide until you are ready to unhide.
      Setting your version to 1909 won’t block monthly updates, just feature upgrades.

      Microsoft removed UI deferrals in version 2004 .

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    • #2307936

      new preview update for Windows 10 versions 2004 & 20H2 – KB4580364 released TH Oct. 29:


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    • #2307962

      I’m wondering what the problem is with the October Office 2010 updates.  Susan still has them as not approved even for businesses.  I have four Office 2010 updates sitting quietly in my WU waiting for the go ahead.  Yes I know we’re still on Defcon 2 which is mainly for MS’s glorious Flagship Win 10.

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    • #2310225

      First time posting here so I hope I’m posting where I need to. My  question is regarding Woody’s article on Oct.12, 2020 “With Patch Tuesday here, be sure Windows Update Paused”.  I did just that and I still have updates paused since then. I have them paused until 11/10/2020 and I need to know if the updates are okay and I can unpause and update yet, or move the pause to later date?

      Also, when I was pausing updates I saw that I was offered to install version 2004, maybe it’s even changed now to install version 20H2, I don’t know, but should I install yet whichever one is currently offered in WU?  I’m currently on version 1909.

      Please, when answering, could you please make the response as simple as possible for someone who is not computer savvy?  I may know a bit more than the basics,  but in comparison to a lot of people in this forum, I’m really computer illiterate! 😉 
      Thanks for your help!

      • #2310229

        Woody wrote MSDEFCON 3 – Get the October Patches Installed on October 29th. You can see the Defcon rating at the top of the website 🙂

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        • #2310391

          Thanks Woody!  I did the updates (see attached) with no problems. Although I was wondering why it would do an update on Adove Flash Player since it’s going away soon.  And I have no idea what the .NET Framework is but I saw that there were a lot of past updates that included it. Hope these updates were okay.  I never know what’s okay to update and what isn’t or shouldn’t be.   I just let updates happen since I don’t understand them anyway but I’ve never had any problems.  As I mentionned before….computer illiterate! 😉

          Also,  when I was updating I noticed I now don’t have the opportunity to install 2004 anymore, only 20H2 now.  I saw that you said it would probably be good to wait on that for a while so I’ll check back periodically to see where we’re at on that one.  As far as 2004, you said that Susan Bradley had installed 2004 so I thought I’d install but since it’s not an option anymore on the Windows Update is there somewhere else I can go to install it?  If 2004  is not a big deal then I’ll just wait on 20H2 when it’s okay.  Thanks for your help!

          • #2310457

            Just letting updates install is the default method for most Windows users.

            What you should do is make a regular backup to an external USB hard disk. This protects you from any problems you may encounter, including hardware failure or theft / loss.

            To update to 2004 you have to jump through some (very low) hoops. As a self confessed computer illiterate I think you are better off backing up regularly and leaving Windows to do its thing.

            cheers, Paul

            • #2310636

              Thanks Paul!  I do backups at least once a week with EaseUs To-Do Backup.  But what about updating Windows 10 versions?  Do I go ahead and install when Microsoft puts it out there; do I wait a while and for how long;  do I just stick with whatever version is working fine for me and until supports stops???  I just don’t want to encounter problems I’m not even familiar with or how to fix them if I update new versions.

            • #2310869

              When you update is up to you.
              Check here to see if there are reports of major problems, then make your decision.

              cheers, Paul

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    • #2310497

      I notice that on the main Settings Page Windows Update says “Attention Needed”

      Of course it does! !  – I’ve just delayed updates for 7 days!!!!

      IMHO that Windows Update should say “You have delayed updates for nn days”.

      Or similar.

      Bad Message MS.

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