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    “The Markup has identified 37 companies that are part of the rapidly growing connected vehicle data industry that seeks to monetize such data in an environment with few regulations governing its sale or use.

    While many of these companies stress they are using aggregated or anonymized data, the unique nature of location and movement data increases the potential for violations of user privacy.”

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      Surely this was not unexpected? (No… and stop calling me Shirley.)

      I note that the companies mentioned are currently either Entertainment / Navigation or Insurance… so it appears that *diagnostics* data is not yet flowing like tapwater (Let us help you with your Diesel Particulate Filter which shows that it’s going to go into ‘Limp’ mode in 30-20-10 miles… oopsie!)

      Insurance telemetry is kind of expected, given the number of drivers using insurance-company-provided black boxes to reduce insurance payments, particularly for young drivers. (Yeah, you beat that bad boy away from the traffic lights… here’s another 400 $/£ on your annual insurance payment.)

      Entertainment / Navigation appears to be quite questionable. Who wants to know where I drive to and what I listen to whilst driving? Hmm…

      An interesting article…


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      Another one of the many reasons I haven’t bought a newer vehicle even though I could easily afford one!

      The 98 Durango I bought new back in Oct 98 uses a “key” to start it, has a “dumb” in-dash stereo system, and doesn’t have a crash recorder box so I know there’s no data collection happening when I drive it!

      When the engine finally dies (+347K and still going strong), I’ll most likely just drop in a new one and keep on trucking (unless electric vehicle charges finally become so common place that I can recharge as easily as I fill up which “might” prompt me to go electric.)

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      From the linked article:

      “A firehose of sensitive data from your vehicle is flowing to a group of companies you’ve probably never heard of .”

      Mmm. Nope!


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      The only data flowing from our car would probably be a ‘for sale’ sign.
      There are FAR too many distractions in-car these days hence accidents and rising insurance premiums.
      As the only driver of our old car, I gather and process data from the dash panel and NO-ONE else.(exceptions to scamera’s, police radar, speed signs and ANPR’s within designated stretches of road)

      SatNav, not likely…good old fashioned road maps FTW! also gives a hidden opportunity to stop and see/ find things one would otherwise miss whilst driving.
      What’s the hurry…?

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        Also cars caught in all the floods and fires in the past 10 to 15 years.

        Being 20 something in the 70's was much more fun than being 70 something in the 20's.
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      Who wants to know where I drive

      Every company, in the US the FBI.. Ask Google why it collects, stores..and then reports every movement when using Google maps/Waze or driving with an Android smartphone in your pocket.

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