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        Da Boss

        A company called Barracuda Networks, which peddles an anti-spam product called Barracuda Spam Firewall, has just published a report claiming that 95%
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        AskWoody Plus

        Oh yeah? Yes, it is very much self-serving. Unfortunately, a whole lot of on-line entities have drunk the kool-aid®. (I do not want any entity ordering a reply takedown because I did not respect its trademark.)

        I semi-apologize for this. But AskWoody is likely the best venue where I can vent | spleen about an iniquity I have had to deal with for about a decade or so.
        I have always respected other Internet denizens’ desire for privacy, which is likely why I stand in Group ‘B’ for each of my computers: Desktop Windows® 7; Laptop Windows 8.1® {both x64}.
        When I published Incendiary Words, a soccer zine, thirty print copies went out via U.S.P.S., but a number more went out to an e-mail address which people had submitted to me. When I sent out the electronic copy of “Incendiary Words”, I sent the e-mail to a subsidiary e-mail account of mine (which was in South Africa), and put all the other recipients in the “Bcc:” field.
        I noticed the action of somebody who set up a service called Spam Gourmet. This is (| was?) a service which lets me (| you) protect my real e-mail address from getting nuked by spammers, virii, and malware spreaders, by letting you submit an e-mail address with a limited number of e-mails to be sent to it by non-approved e-mail senders.
        This was | is illuminating on dual aspects. It let me know which supposedly reputable internet denizens {Dare I scribe Yahoo!® – is this the method by which Yahoo® stays in business?!} were letting spammers & malware spreaders have access to your e-mail inbox, and allowed me to shut off their access while letting the trusted access come through.
        But what is the problem with this? Besides that you cannot sign up for Spamgourmet anymore {our janitor has health issues}, incredibly, (supposed) anti-spam e-mail suites consider e-mails from domains such as “” and “” AS BEING SPAM, and subsequently BLOCK your e-mails from them.
        This is both disappointing and infuriating. REAL spammers and malware spreaders just sign up for a ‘burner‘ account with Yahoo® or GMail. The anti-spam suite dares not not block e-mails from those two e-mail providers, so their lethal missiles sail on thru to your inbox.
        The major infractor of this is Barracuda[/url]. Way too many domains have outsourced their anti-virus protection to this corporation. This corporation has blacklisted | blocked a significant number of e-mail providers, including mine.
        As far as I am concerned, if my e-mail address is good-to-send on your World-Wide Web connection, it had better be good-to-receive if I need to send you an e-mail. But, due to Barracuda, this is frequently not the case.
        I will tell you what has triggered this exclamation from me. I am down to 14 cans of 5½-oz. cans of wet cat food (for Mirko). I seek to buy ~336 cans. I want to avail myself of Pet Supplies Plus ‘You Click, We Fetch’ offer. I have a PSP Preferred Pet Club number. In order to do this, I need to logon to my account. None of my passwords work. The e-mail to PSP to reset or send along a new temporary password gets killed by Barracuda.(!)
        {How close is Pet Supplies Plus to losing this order to PetsMart?! -umm, 14 cans- Somebody in high corporate should get on this at this point.}
        Concluding; yes, I admit; it is difficult when your main connection to the Internet in 2019 is via v.92; but I have no desire for either of the corporations providing broadband internet access to the abode. I have scribed to my incoming aldercritter (31st Ward) and Mayor the need for a civic broadband network to restrain the incumbent broadband providers from binding its customers to unreasonable long-term contracts.

        Important links you can use, without all the fluff or sales pitch =
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