• Why did Windows update offer me Google Kedacom Composite Interface?

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    Today, just for the heck of it, I ran wushowhide. Lo and behold I found that I was offered Google Kedacom Composite Interface driver. I hid it. I then searched my computer to see if anything on my PC  would trigger that offering and found nothing.

    My Windows Update setting excludes other M$ products when I download updates and my Group Policy excludes drivers from quality updates. Does anyone know what’s going on here?

    Peace, CAS

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      Did you have an Android phone connected to your computer?

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      The Google Kedacom Composite Interface is an Android USB Device drive provided by Google to connect Android phones/devices to a Windows PC so it’s not an “other M$ product.”

      Since it is a “device driver“, your “exclude drivers from quality updates” Group Policy did in fact work and it wasn’t installed but, bear in mind, that policy does not remove driver updates from the list of “available updates“, it simply blocks them from being downloaded/installed.

      Until such time as you actually instruct it to hide them, any driver updates will appear in the list of available updates that wushowhide displays.

      In fact, wushowhide on my own PC always shows a “bunch” of different driver updates if I check it right after a monthly Windows update but, because I have that same Group Policy setting enabled, none of them ever get installed!

      How Group Policy settings and wushowhide work is an apples vs oranges kind if thing.

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        I am currently running Windows 10 HOME 21H1. When I run wushowhide, it works perfectly except it always downloads any Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework before I can hide it. The “Preview” update seems to ignore wushowhide, I then have to wait for it to install and then I manually have to uninstall the update, which takes a considerable amount of time installing/uninstalling. It there something I am doing wrong with wushowhide. Besides the preview update, wushowhide works perfectly.

        I follow PKCano instructions shown below.

        Thank you for any assistance.


        1. <u>DO system image before updating anything</u>
        2. Make sure when you last log off the computer, you are on metered connection.
        3. Boot computer with metered connections on.
        4. After computer boots up, Click on shortcut “WUSHOWHIDE” but DO NOT OPEN the file yet!!
          1. Click on Settings/Update & Security — Click on “Resume Updates” — Immediately run wushowhide & Under Advanced <u>make sure to uncheck auto fix</u>.
        5. Hide whatever updates you do not want.
        6. Close WUSHOWHIDE
        7. Open Services
          1. Highlight Windows Update Service
          2. “DISABLE” ——–      “APPLY”            ——-    “STOP” the service (upper left)
        8. “RESTART” the computer — >>>>>>> [<u>DO NOT SHUTDOWN or BOOTUP</u>]
        9. Open Services
          1. Highlight Windows Update Service
          2. Set to “MANUAL”
          3. “APPLY” ———->> >>>>>>>> [<u>DO NOT START THE SERVICE</u>]
          4. “CLOSE” the services.
        • Click on the shortcut for WUSHOWHIDE, open the file and immediately run WUSHOWHIDE >>>>>>>> Under Advanced <u>make sure to uncheck auto fix</u>.
          1. Verify that the updates are hidden, then verify they are not available to be hidden.
        • On the left screen, click on Settings
          1. Open Update & Security and “PAUSE FOR 7 DAYS” updates again
          2. Then immediately “RESUME”
          3. Click out of settings.
        • Open Settings AGAIN
          1. In WUSHOWHIDE — Unhide updates that you want to install then hit NEXT, then close.
          2. Click on Updates and Security
          3. Click on “Check for Updates” [should not get the hidden updates]
          4. Once you see that only the downloads you want are showing
            1. Turn off metered connections
            2. Allow downloads to download
        • Reset the connections to Metered BEFORE THE RESTART


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