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  • Why is my update paused?

    Posted on berniec Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Home Forums AskWoody support Windows Windows 10 Why is my update paused?

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      AskWoody Plus

      I’m not sure I fully understand all the machinations with win10 updates. I have them
      turned off via group policy and also the usual “deferral” settings in the normal
      place and that seems to have been working — up until last week.

      I had been being notified of “updates” and nothing happened with them (yay), then I could run
      wushowhide to “tuck aside” the ones I wanted to defer (I still have the three July updates so-tucked-away, and then the others [defender updates] would just go through. Beginning last week WU told me “Windows update has been paused” [with a resume date given sometime in early-July]. It showed no “pending” updates — just that WU was paused. I thought my old update-machinery settings would control that so I clicked to check updates and it did a check, told me that there were two updates pending and then proceeded to install them. [the usual defender and a bit .NET update — it seems to have installed OK and not caused any problems]

      What made WU suddenly say it was “paused” [rather than just cheerily telling me I was “up to date”}? How can I undo-that without just blindly installing the backed up updates? [that is, so I can see what’s pending, wushowhide the ones I want to defer while letting any others go]??

      Right now, it seems a bit odd – up until a week or so ago, I’d get a notification that “you need some updates” and it was always just a defender update. I thought they’d stopped coming, since I hadn’t gotten one of those in a while but I discovered [checking the history] that they’ve been arriving and silently getting installed. That’s great for Defender, but since I *used* to have to initiate download/install byhand, I wonder if my whole backup setup got misconfigured somehow.


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      Da Boss

      Which version of Windows 10 are you running? Type WinVer at the search prompt on the taskbar, then click on Run Command, and please post the version and OS Build details it displays there.

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      AskWoody Plus

      Which version of Windows 10 are you running? Type WinVer at the search prompt on the taskbar, then click on Run Command, and please post the version and OS Build details it displays there.

      My apologies — running win10/pro 1809

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      Da Boss

      Are you running user & administrator accounts? Some of these settings are only changeable/visible in when logged in on an administrator account (i.e. do not work when right-clicking Run as Administrator from a user-level account).

      I know that some parts of update refer to “Some settings are managed by your organization” when group policies are in place and WU is accessed by a user-level account, for instance.

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        Indeed I do have separate accounts [doesn’t everybody??].   But I’ve dealt with that: yes, I had to log in with my admin account to set up my updates [together with messing with the group policies].   What I’ve realized that beginning with that odd “paused” instance something else has changed: defender now updates itself.   that is: before the “paused” I got a notification about every other day to “you need some updates” and it was always a defender update.  A bit annoying but not a real problem.  After the pause I noticed that I’m now getting NO “you need updates” – but when I check my update history I see that the updates to defender are getting installed.

        I suppose I should just wait and see what happens.  Right now WU is telling me “You’re up to date” and the only thing happening are the defender updates invisibly getting installed.

        Just to check, I hopped onto my admin account and my current settings are:

        Advanced options:
        Updates for other MS products  ON
        Automatically Download and install updates OFF
        Show a notification if pC needs rebooting OFF
        Pause updates  OFF
        Semi annual {Targeted}
        Feature updates deferred up to 180 days
        Quality updates delay 0 days

        Windows Update policy changes:
        Configure Updates/Enabled with settings “2 -notify before download and install”
        Scheduled install day – every day/3AM
        Do not include Drivers/ Enabled

        Those are exactly as I remember setting them.  Dunno what changed to let defender updates go through when previously it had notified me and waiting.  .

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          Da Boss

          The defender updates should come through, but I’m mystified why your update setting is on “paused”

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      AskWoody Plus

      There was definitely a change – because it *used* to hold onto defender updates and give me a notification but now they go through silently and perhaps that change was the same time when my updates got mysteriously “paused”. But it hasn’t happened again and defender updates are going though, so perhaps it won’t happen again.

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