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  • Why your reseller for Microsoft 365 matters

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        Amy Babinchak

        MICROSOFT 365 Why your reseller for Microsoft 365 matters By Amy Babinchak Many suppliers sell Microsoft 365 plans. Not all are created equal. Many pe
        [See the full post at: Why your reseller for Microsoft 365 matters]

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        Yet another article whose content is relevant only to the USA.

        Please could the contributors to the newsletter bear in mind that:

        • there are countries in the world other than the US
        • quite often stores, organisation, and other computery matters apply differently in those countries

        I know you can’t customise articles for each possible country in the world, but some acknowledgement at the top that you are dealing only with the US would be nice…


        Ascetics go without, mystics go within.

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          AskWoody Plus

          You should not assume that they don’t.  I suspect that many readers really don’t care about local oddities that are not pertinent to the US market.

          As you say, attempting to localize an article like this would be next to impossible, not to mention impossibly long.

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          Amy Babinchak

          This is a good suggestion but I’m not sure that it applies to this article. Different distributors will have different pricing policies in all regions.

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          AskWoody Lounger

          there are countries in the world other than the US

          Well… actually this was quite accurate for here at least. There’s all kinds of services available from various providers, yes, “simplified” 365 too. Just, specific vendor names and other fine details (exact prices…) would be different, but the pattern is the same.

          And really, I’ve seen nothing on Microsoft’s side that prevents you from contracting with multiple CSPs. That’s especially useful if you have multiple locations. (On different continents in that one case, but even a few hundred km might be enough that you want another local support provider for that location.)

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        AskWoody Plus

        Most of your comments about GoDaddy are spot on – they do sell – and support, such as it is – a stripped-down version of Microsoft 365.  Managing it is a major hassle: some things you MUST use GoDaddy’s own interface; other things require you to use some obscure trickery to get to the “native” interface.  Once you’re there, you can really see how limited “GoDaddy 365” is compared to Microsoft 365 by the number of administrative centers that are not there.

        And migrating away from GoDaddy is very much a PITA (pain in the…).  In fairness, I did get a number of very important insights, tips and tricks from a couple of GoDaddy reps that helped out A LOT.

        However, you’re off big time on your comment about GoDaddy “marking 365 down“.  That only for the first year – after that, it’s a lot higher.  I  moved a client away from GoDaddy because a Microsoft 365 Business Standard after the first year was about $185, with the limitations you noted.   From a major reseller (CDW), it was about $135.  BTW: I’ve never had any problems getting support for the product directly from Microsoft.

        I’ve worked with GoDaddy for a number of years and been quite pleased with it in all ways, except Microsoft 365.   For that, I buy through the reseller.

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          Amy Babinchak

          Migration off is a really big deal. They’ve either so broken 365 that migration doesn’t work or they are actively blocking it. Either way, they are trapping people into their service and that’s a really unethical business practice.

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            AskWoody Plus


            For that matter, calling these “customized” variants “Microsoft 365” is deceptive at best.  I had no idea that GoDaddy was selling a subset of the full product until I got into it too far to back out.

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          Amy Babinchak

          My distain for GoDaddy runs deep but I tried hard to control it for this article. Not only do they raise your price later for less 365 but they use that same tactic across all of their services. The price they charge for SSL certificate renewal is next to criminal. Lured in with low prices and supposedly “easy” web hosting they then get you later on the renewals with some serious price gouging. Many a client has come our way not knowing how to get out of this terrible situation.

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