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    PUBLIC DEFENDER By Brian Livingston A wave of layoffs by the world’s largest technology companies is causing widespread fears. People are afraid that
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      Thanks for the comprehensive view: technology, economy, business, world impact.

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      It is important for laid off tech people to expand their employment options.

      There is a convenience store that we visited while in the Philadelphia region – the Wawa – for a snack and drink.

      It was at the Wawa that we first discovered the immensity of the digital transition that has been going on within the retail sector during COVID.

      The Wawa had been advertising their club sandwiches on television. So, on my first visit, I walked up to the deli case expecting to give the person behind the counter my order, wait a few minutes, receive the sandwich, and head for the checkout.

      Not at the Wawa. The person behind the counter looked at me and asked if he could help. I told him what I wanted.  He said I am sorry but you have to enter your order via the touchscreen over there.

      Well, the touchscreen was a maze that was next to impossible for me to navigate.

      What do you want: Cold Hoagies & Sandwiches, Hot Hoagies, Panini, Club Sandwiches, or Double Meat Hoagies & Sandwiches?  I selected Club Sandwiches.

      What kind of Club Sandwich do you want: Turkey, Ham, Turkey & Ham, Spicy Turkey, Turkey Veggie Ranch, Roast Beef, Tuna Salad, or Chicken Salad?  I chose Turkey

      What kind of bread do you want on your Turkey Club Sandwich:  White, Marble Rye, or Multigrain?  I chose Marble Rye.

      What kind of cheese do you want: American, Provolone, Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack, and/or No Cheese?  I chose Swiss.

      What kind of spreads do you want on your sandwich: Pepper Jack, Buffalo (Contains egg), Chipotle, Spicy Mustard, Yellow Mustard, and/or Honey Mustard?  I did not select a spread.

      What kind of topping do you want: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Pickles, Sweet Peppers, and/or Applewood Bacon Strips?  I chose lettuce, tomatoes, and applewood bacon strips.

      What else would you like to add: Extra Cheese, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Pepperoni, Avocado, and/or Extra Meat?

      In short, the Wawa offers its customers more than 25,900 variations when ordering a Club Sandwich.

      After getting help navigating through the options, I stood at the counter waiting for my sandwich. The deli master looked at me again and said you need to pay for the sandwich before I can make it. So off I went to the cashier and paid for the sandwich.

      Thinking about it reminded me of the statics courses I took in graduate school, the discussions we had while I was a member of the Council of Logistics Management, and working in logistics.

      Talk about logistics/inventory management. Because of the touchscreen ordering system, the Wawa corporate headquarters knows in real-time exactly how many slices (ounces) of turkey have been served in each of its 984 stores in the last five minutes and can update turkey deliveries to each of its stores in real time.

      If this is what is going on in other sectors of the economy, there should be opportunities for skilled displaced techies

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        Mcd did have touchscreens here in eu before lockdowns as an addition, not requirement. Not sure what the situation is now but it should not be required imo.

        I believe they can know how much sold real time with receipts also.

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