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      Also of interest is a New York Times article False Promise of ChatGPT.

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        why will it take the word “article” but it will not take the word “e-s-s-a-y” instead of “article”????

        P.S. I have to type the word with hyphens because it will not submit, if the word is absent the hyphens??? What the???

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          essay? I say!

          Windows 11 Pro version 22H2 build 22621.2361 + Microsoft 365 + Edge

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            I can get it to post, if it says:

            but I can NOT get it to post, if it says:

            I get an error message with the e-word (no hyphens). All I did was type the a-word instead of e-word (no hyphens) to get it to post.

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              This is what it looks like when I type just the “e-word” with no hyphens.

              If I type it with hyphens, then it posts (you can actually see the post).

              You can’t actually see the post if I type it without hyphens, because it won’t post!! But, you can see it in the image of the message box and the error message that I get, when I try to post.

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            e-s-s-a-y? I say!

            You’re a manager and probably have more privileges than I do.

            I have to even add the hyphens in the quote above to get the post to submit!!

            This seems like the prohibition that I’ve read about elsewhere. Sometimes Alex5723 would use it and he would run into trouble — in a topic heading, I think it was. But, I don’t remember the prohibition.

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            I just tried the above-mentioned word without hyphenation and got the same results as @WCHS…namely the error message of “Your reply cannot be created at this time”. I even tried what @b successfully posted above, the word with a question mark after it followed by a normal sentence. No dice.

            This proves one thing…that @b ‘s Manager privileges grant the ability to post a word that the rest of us are, for some weird reason, barred from posting. Therefore, it stands to reason that the other Managers ( @sb , @PKCano , @rrabbit (Kirsty) ) have the same privilege as well.

            Is there any way to fix this bug, as that’s what it really is, a bug, nothing else?

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              I’ve been waiting for someone else to try posting a message with the same “e-word” (5 characters long) to see if the same error message appears. Thanks for confirming it.

              What weird behavior! Is this the only commonly-used, non-offensive word that the editing algorithm puts the skids on?? It’s not as if it’s one of those triggering four-letter words! 🙂

              In most cases, you can get around the fence by using a synonym, but if the word appears in a link, then you’re out of luck. See #2544411.

              I sent a message to Customer Support (Susan) about it a couple of days ago. She said she thought it was a filter that was over-reacting.

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              I sent a message to Customer Support (Susan) about it a couple of days ago. She said she thought it was a filter that was over-reacting.

              Yes, it’s probably in some sort of dictionary of allegedly bad words that aren’t allowed to be posted by most users, and I have a very plausible idea of just how the word in question here may have wound up in said dictionary; but, that idea is speculation at this point without concrete proof to back it up.

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      I’m using the e-word on a 2nd device and the same problem occurs. So, the problem is NOT device specific.


      This is REALLY, REALLY bizarre!

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      If the e-word is in a link reference, it won’t post either. FYI, the e-word is “e-s-s-a-y” absent the hyphens.


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      ese (Spanish). Well, this one passes.

      e-s-s-a-y (unhyphenated) = pig-Latin of sorts, maybe?

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        ese (Spanish). Well, this one passes.

        e-s-s-a-y (unhyphenated) = pig-Latin of sorts, maybe?

        In Spanish, the word you typed above is pronounced identically to the offending word that’s the subject of this thread you started.

        Looks like you were editing your post as I was typing my response, as when I started my response, your post only had the word “ese” in it and nothing else!!  🙂

        I do have an idea, though. Let’s call it good for now and give the Managers time to pore (pour?) over what they need to in order to remove the word from the naughty list.

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