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    Hi guys!

    Whats up?

    I just follow askwoody.com over 2 years and it´s my first question here because it’s been a BIG question in my mind.

    So, I have in my environment around 600 hundred workstations running Win 10 Pro 1703 build and I am afraid about the end of support of it. I need to upgrade them but I don’t know if it´s already safe to upgrade all them t0 1803 build or I should do to 1709.

    What do you guys think about it? Is Win 10 1803 build stable enought?

    Thank you!


    Fontoura, Joatan

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      Stick to 1703 in the short term.
      Select a few test machines and update them to 1803, then test them for a couple of weeks.
      If they are no good try 1709.

      cheers, Paul

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      I just upgraded my primary system from 1709 to 1803 and so far so good.
      I’ve had several other machines come across that I’ve built and worked on for friends who were on 1803 and didn’t have any issues.

      I would say at this point, grab 1803, but you definitely need to do this in a staggered rollout.
      I would suggest 5-10 machines for the first pilot, 25-50 machines for the second pilot, 75-100 for the third pilot, and then the remaining. (Unless your machine configs are identical and only span across a select few, you should definitely stagger. If you have 5 or less production machine configs possible in the environment (say, 5 specific HP or Dell systems), you have to stagger to allow for a crop up of issues on different hardware.

      Obviously have each department test on a few…IT SysAdmin/mgmt, finance, development, e-commerce/web. IT should be the guinea pigs, obviously. Most critical machines, do last obviously. I would imagine that’s going to be higher ups who work 24/7 and refuse to take a day off. Leave theirs for the prod deployment.

      I don’t see any point to upgrade 600 machines to 1709 when you’re going to have to repeat the process and jump to 1803 before too long there as well.

      I would assume you’re under SCCM….obviously set your WIM, deployments, and device collections up and run with it.

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      The Master Patch List still lists Win10-1803 Feature Release as “Not at this time”. Once it has reached the latest “ready for business” label, Woody & Susan will post that.

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        This is what Woody had to say 3 days ago +/-:

        I’m still on 1703, on my production machines. I have to make a decision in September about which way to jump — 1709, 1803, or 1809. My guess is that I’ll end up on 1803, but there’s no need to make the jump right now.

        Again, as always, there are almost no new features worth potentially clobbering your system.

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      Hey everyone!

      Well, thanks so much for your reply!

      It’s pretty good to read an “external” opition like yours!


      Fontoura, Joatan

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      I’m of the opinion that if you do a clean install of 1803, you should be fine. However, that really isn’t practical in your situation.

      Back in the Windows 3.1 days, I worked at a major oil company, and we set up Windows 3.1 as a network-installed OS, rather than as a locally-installed OS. In other words, the bulk of the Windows files were kept on the network; and a minimal amount of Windows files were kept on the user’s machine. I wonder if you could set up Windows 10 in this way; and if so, you might be able to achieve a more “clean” install when you upgrade to a newer version of Windows 10 (say, from 1703 to 1803) than you could achieve when Windows 10 is entirely installed locally on the user’s computer.

      Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with installing Windows 10 as a “network” install? Is that even possible with Windows 10? I haven’t been able to find any information on this type of Windows install with regard to Windows 10 (or any other version of Windows, for that matter).

      Group "L" (Linux Mint)
      with Windows 8.1 running in a VM
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        Hi there!

        I realy agree with you.

        It would be pretty great if we could do Windows 10 upgrade by this way like you sad, taking the bulk of files from network and minimal of them from local machine. If you get it in the future, please, let me know how. Did you try to create a topic here on Lounge to ask about it?

        So, in my case, I’m doing the upgrade process by SCCM.

        Thanks for you reply!


        Fontoura, Joatan

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