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    Hello all, I’ve had a problem for some time with a number of Win10 clients suddenly not connecting to a server running 2016 Server Essentials. The clients were connected for some time (just for nightly backups only) and then sometime after a Win10 update (again I don’t remember when) the clients could not connect. No matter how many times I uninstalled the connector software, deleted install folders, cleanup clients, etc, etc, … the connector software would not work. My question is where to go with a problem like this. I’ve searched MS KB and nothing points to anything specific, but just generalizations on uninstalling/installing the connector software. I remember somewhere in reading that one of the feature updates “wiped-out” the connector’s ability to have the clients connect to the server. I need some answers. Thanks in advance

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      Alex5723, thanks for responding. I’ve done all of what MS has suggested. The clients were all working properly. It was only after each client was updated with what I believe was the fall feature update 1904(?) Not sure … but the clients will not connect, no matter how many times I try with the connector software. After literally exhausting the forums, there’s still nothing that plainly explains why suddenly these clients can’t connect to the server.

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      I also had this problem with my Windows Server Standard 2016, with the Windows Server Essentials Role installed. Past upgrades on the Win10 client machines would break the Client Connector between WSE and Win10, but multiple client reboots would get them back in sync. With my client upgrade to Win10 1909, that trick no longer worked, nor multiple Uninstall/Install the client connector, nor remove/re-add domain membership. The connector on the Win10 would be green and “Connected to <server>”. But on the server WSE Devices dashboard, it would show “Offline”.

      What I found is you have to Uninstall the Client Connector (Control Panel, Programs and Features, Client Connector for Windows Server Essentials) *AND* delete the WAN Miniport (SSTP) connector (Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center, Change adapter settings). Then you can re-install and they get back in sync (http://<servername>/connect).

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      The last note from kurtl gave me an idea.

      I’m running win10 v2004 and can no longer roll back due to timing.

      I disabled my lan adapter and then re-enabled it. Re ran the connector software and it actually connected me to the 2016 essentials server.  First back up is now running.

      Thanks Kurt.

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      Thank you kurtl and anonymous! Disabling and re-enabling the network adapter worked for me too. Running Windows 10 20H2 and Server Essentials 2012r2. Clients are connected and backups working. I didn’t need to delete the WAN Miniport SSTP.

      I’m guessing this will have to be repeated after every Windows 10 update.

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      Thanks anonymous and anonymous! I just upgraded my first two test machines from 1909 to 20H2 and the WSE connector again lost sync. I will try the disable/re-enable network adapter trick.

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        Uninstall the client connector software and reinstall it.

        You will lose it each feature release.  It’s a “get used to it because Microsoft no longer cares about Essentials” issue.

        Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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          I have to agree with Susan (which I’ve been trusting since SBS 2003). Disabling the network adapter didn’t work for me. I tried lots of shortcuts, but only this process worked reliably:

          1. Uninstall Client Connector
          2. Delete WAN Miniport
          3. Reboot
          4. Reinstall connector from http://<server>/connect
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      In about 1/4 of cases after Uninstalling Connector, running Server/Connect fails at about 80% complete before the final Green check mark indicating successful reconnect. The Connect crashes out silently without a message. Process below often Resolves this:

      • With Hidden Files enabled, navigate to \ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs\
      • Delete all files in the Logs folder.
      • Reboot
      • Rerun Connector (normally stored in Downloads folder)
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      Hi All.
      I have had the same issue when upgrading Windows 11 Pro to the newest Version (22H2)

      Uninstall the Connector, delete the Log, restart and Install the Connector solved my issue with the Computer backup.

      Now everything seems to work ok.


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