• Win 10 crash, BSOD, lost boot drive


    This is an interesting problem, and maybe it belongs in hardware. In the last few weeks Win 10 has been crashing randomly but the BSOD screen goes away so fast I can’t see what if any error is posted. Sometimes it would boot next time, sometimes the drive letters got shuffled and the PC goes into Bios. I had to boot from a USB stick and use Diskpart to assign the boot drive back to C. This morning it crashed and neither the BIOS or Diskpart sees the boot drive. Its an M2 drive.

    Where can I find a log of the boot errors.

    I guess I can swap the M2 boot drive into the other M2 slot and see if the PC will boot. If it doesn’t do I assume my M2 drive is toast?

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      hopefully not toast..try that other slot to see if it boots ok, you know what to do there.
      If it does boot and all seems well, Firstly, backup your personal stuff externally!
      Then do an integrity check – sfc /scannow in cmd prompt (as admin), if a fix is required just restart the device.
      I’d suspect the drive controller is misbehaving before the M2

      If it don’t boot at all and diskpart don’t see it, toast it may be and open for someone else to suggest further help

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      If the other slot does not work, and before more experimenting, I would suggest getting an external M2 USB case and put the not booting M2 in the case so you can pull all your personal files off of it to a USB stick for safe keeping. With that worry out of the way if the M2 eventually fails totally it’s more of an inconvenience rather than a major headache.

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