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    I do hope that this is the place to post items like this as I am hoping it is only Win 10 that is causing the problems.

    My wife’s laptop running Win 10 Home edition (update 1809) has started to slow down considerably.  For example, on startup the time for this to happen is measured in tens of seconds instead of small amount of seconds.  Invoking Task Manager (CTRL, ALT, DELETE) takes many tens of seconds instead of being almost instantaneous.  The same is true of the Firefox web browser.

    Both Malware and Norton are running on this computer and are updated to whatever the current version is.

    I have a similar laptop (ASUS) that is configured similarly – Win 10 Home 1809, etc.  In fact, it has more large programs on it (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.) than hers does and still runs very efficiently and boots up in seconds compared to hers which can take in the order of tens of seconds.

    I have run CCleaner Pro (latest edition) and checked all disk partitions to ensure they are not getting full and still this “slowness” persists.  She says that it has been getting worse over the past week or so, and was particularly bad yesterday (Sat. March 28) and is no better today than it was yesterday.
    I have tried just about everything I know (and that isn’t much) and nothing seems to be helping.  Also, I have found no way to identify what the possible problem is.</p>
    I am looking for ideas about things to try in an attempt to resolve this situation or identify the problem.  Any insight that anyone would care to provide will be greatly appreciated.


    Ron M

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      There could be any number of reasons.  Tell us some of the system specs, particularly how much memory it has, size and type of the hard drive and % full, what external devices are attached (if any), what size of paging file (if known).   In Task Manager (once you get in), in the Processes view, click on the CPU column heading.  This will sort the processes into order of CPU use, so you can see if anything is hogging the CPU.  In the Start up view, it will show what processes are running at system startup;  you may be able to disable some of them.  In the Performance view, check to see if a disk drive or memory is overtaxed.   You say “both Malware and Norton”, but sometimes it is not a good idea to be running two such programs at the same time, as they can interfere with each other.  Try shutting down one or the other, or both, and see if that makes a difference.

      Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 20H2

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      There COULD be any number of Hardware reasons … and there are others as well.

      One suggestion I would make — if you DON’T find a hardware issue — is Malware.

      There are MANY resources online … but 1 I have used for years WITHOUT trashing your installation of Windows — is Malware Removal… just Google those 2 words.

      It is completely FREE — and expert in their service.

      They TRAIN malware removal experts.

      You do need an account — also free .

      Some bugs can be removed by Software — and that’s fine– but EVEN if the software is good … they can still leave behind bits of code that can cause trouble on their own.

      RUN your favorite scanner if you want– then afterwards –these guys will check through your system via their specialized tools — and remove ALL the leftovers.


      Just my 2 -cents worth .

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