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  • Win 10 Pro V 1903 Update Settings Questions

    Posted on LHiggins Comment on the AskWoody Lounge

    Home Forums AskWoody support Windows Windows 10 Windows 10 version 1903 – May 2019 Update Win 10 Pro V 1903 Update Settings Questions

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      AskWoody Plus


      Well, my brand new Win 10 Pro laptop is Version 1903, Build 18362.145. I have been making a lot of adjustments to update settings as outlined in various discussions here at AW, but I ran into some questions since what I am seeing in my version is not an exact match to the suggestions here.

      So – I thought I’d ask if these settings are going to be enough to guard against sudden unexpected updates when I do get online – haven’t yet, but I think I am going to need to soon to complete my set-up of some additional programs.

      When I locate Windows Update, there are some choices like changing the active hours, and the pause for 7 days option. From there, when I click on Advanced Options to set some parameters on updates, and I don’t find as many choices as I thought I would.

      I have that screen set as follows:


      In the Pause Updates choice, it seemed that at first I could set that to 365 days – but later when I went back to check, it had a date in mid-August there. I did figure out how to remove that, but there is no longer the choice for 365 days, so I left that without a value.

      There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to configure automatic updates or some of the other settings that probably were available earlier.

      I also had a question about this screen:

      This is from the advanced options from the Delivery Optimization screen, which I left turned off. What do those mean – should I choose something there, or is that just for that download sharing option which I don’t want.

      And on additional question about sleep – is there a keyboard shortcut for sleep mode in Win 10?

      Thanks for the help! So different and took quite a while to get my bearings.



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      Da Boss

      Why in the world would you want to upload updates you have downloaded on your ISPs plan (and paid for) to other computers on the Internet (and pay for that too).? Or download your updates from any other source than MS Servers? Turn that OFF.
      There is a Group Policy setting: Computer Configuration-Administrative Templates-Windows components-Delivery Optimization
      Download Mode = Enabled, Value = Simple (99) no peering


      Your Delivery Optimization and Activity Monitor screens should look like this. Then the Advanced screen is moot b/c there is no peering.



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        AskWoody Plus

        Indeed – I didn’t want that, and as I said, I did have the Delivery Optimization set as you show – to off. My Delivery Optimization and Activity Monitor screen does look the same as yours.

        My question for the other screenshot was because I was just wondering about that next screen that showed those advanced options and didn’t know if they applied to just that delivery optimization or to downloads in general. So I’ll leave that one alone as well.

        But what about the Windows Update deferral – I can’t find where to set it to 365 days – it only has those pause dates through August – not a number of days. Right now I don’t have any date set – should I go ahead and defer to a specific date as long as I can and then when it is OK to update, get whatever applies to V 1903?

        I tried to follow your recommended settings for all this, but had a bit of trouble finding some of the settings like Semi-Annual Channel or Feature Updates. See my screenshot above of my Advanced options screen in Windows Update- it only has 2 pause options – one to pause updates up to 35 days for , and one to pause quality updates for up to 30 number of days. Right now I didn’t pick a date for the first option and have the second set to zero. Should I change those?

        Will keep working on it. I just don’t want to connect to set up email etc and run into any updates unexpectedly. Thanks for the help.

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          Da Boss

          Semi Annual Channel does not exist anymore. They did away with it in 1903 and onware. So you won’t find that setting.

          “Pause” is not the same thing as “deferral.” Pause puts off updates for however many days you set. I think you can set a max of 30 or 35 days by resetting the 5 days several times. But once that time is up, you have to install whatever is in the queue before you can use pause again.

          There used to be deferral pulldowns – max 365 days for Feature deferral and 30 days for quality deferral. But there was a big discussion in the last two months about those settings also disappearing in v1903 (I can’t find it at the moment). But the only setting to defer Feature updates now is in Group Policy under Windows Update for Business (hopefully that will change and the pulldowns will be back).


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            AskWoody Plus

            Thanks for that explanation. So if I set the updates to pause for the max number of days, I should be safe going online now, correct? Nothing should install right then, and it will give me a little cushion to allow for the DEFCON to get to 4?

            At that point, would I just manually check for updates, use wushowhide to hide ones that I don’t want, and then reset that pause when done?

            I’ll look for the Feature update deferral in the policy editor.

            Thanks for the help! Win 10 is very different and I am trying to be cautious getting it all set up.


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              Da Boss

              If you have already set the “Pause,” you will be tied to that setting until after next updates. Once the “Pause” is set, you are locked in.

            • #1878685 Reply

              AskWoody Plus

              No I didn’t set a date – I could just see that the dropdown was dates, not number of days. So – what should I do? I don’t want it to start downloading something tomorrow when I go online if nothing is set, but I also don’t want to be locked into a date. Or is this when I would use wushowhide? Can I hide all of the updates with that till they are safe to get?

              Too bad they changed it. At least I already have 1903 so that won’t be something waiting in the wings.


            • #1878761 Reply

              Da Boss

              If you have set the 365 days in GP, look at the rest of the settings here. I had quality deferral set to zero anyway. The 2 setting under Windows Update keeps the updates from downloading until you click on the “Download” button. Before you download is when you use wushowhide. AKB2000013 is important when you us wushowhide (link is included in above linked post).

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              AskWoody Plus

              Thanks! Will check it all out and post back if I run into any other questions! Much appreciated!

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      AskWoody Plus

      So far so good! I think I’ve got it all sorted and just need to wait and see what happens with updates once we get to DEFCON 4 this month. Thanks!

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