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    I used msconfig to set my PC to start in Safe Mode, then rebooted. Now that the PC boots in Safe Mode, it no longer accepts my password, so now I can no longer get into Windows and am pretty much stuck.

    I cannot log in to the PC to change it back to a normal boot. Any ideas on how I can get back into Windows?

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      You could try logging into your Microsoft account and reset your password.  If that doesn’t work, here is a link to some other options.


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      Thanks. I came across those, too. I did not realize the pin I use to log in to Windows is not the same as a password. I did log into my Windows account, and see the PC listed as one of my devices. However the Windows account password does not get me into the Windows PC. I will have to look at some of the other options.

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      I found out Safe Mode uses your password, not your PIN, and I did not remember my password. The solution below, using Windows 10 installation media, got my PC out of Safe Mode. Credit to Time Lady, who posted the fix in this thread at answers.microsoft.com

      It is not spelled out, but  when the Windows 10 install media first loads, you will see a screen that lists Language, Time, and Keyboard. Click “Next” to get to the screen that has the “Repair your computer” link in the lower left corner.

      Try booting your machine with Windows 10 installation media
      At the Install screen, click on “Repair” on the lower left.
      Then Troubleshoot.
      Select Command Prompt and type in the following:
      bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot
      If that gives an error, use:
      bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot

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      I found a repair CD but when I insert it does not start. Do I need to use one of the F keys to get past the password page?

      I don’t mind identitying myself. I’m a member, Karla. Maybe I’m not In correctly.nndealing with a tablet is the pits. I just want to get back into my PC


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        You have to boot from the repaif CD.
        Insert the CD
        Turn off the computer.
        Start the computer and immediately press the F-key that takes you to the device boot menu. (It is F12 on Dell, Esc on HP, may be F8, F9, F10 or other depending on the brand of your PC).
        Choose to boot from the CD – you should get a menu of utilities.

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      I got to a setup utility.  Under boot it asks add boot option.  I’m over mynhead in this stuff.  Karla

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      I start with UEFI OPTIONS. windows boot manager, onboard NIC (IPV6), (IPV4), CDROM1, UEFI OS(HL-DT-ST DVD+/-RW GU9ON

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      That didn’t work. I said boot from CD, but I ended up back at the password screen.  I just need to go into something else.  If I go into F12 I get other options:. Diagnose, setup, change boot mod settings, bios flash update.



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      When you told it to boot from the CD, did the CD drive engage and start making sounds like it was reading the disk?

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      I got to a boot screen now that allows me to change boot to legacy boot mode, secure boot off and second option UEFI boot mode, secure boot off.  Could either of these turn off password boot?

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      The CD is working. I did a diagnosis and it showed me all about my PC. It said it could do further but would take 3 hours.  I didn’t do that. Maybe I should go back to that and run it. That was in F12

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      Karla – what problem are you trying to solve? Is it the same issue that I had in my original post where the computer was only booting to Safe Mode, and was asking for a password? If not, can you describe the problem?


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      My PC always opened with PIN. all of sudden it wanted password which I couldn’t remember. When I tried to change, I could open Microsoft account, but password didn’t work on my PC.  I read somewhere to go into safemod but that didn’t work because I didn’t have password.  I found my rescue disc and tried that but only way I could open was with F12. I am not sure how to fix issue.  Lots of choices.  I am at screen with turning off secure boot it don’t know if hat will work. Karla

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      I just want to get back to my pin! I hate trying to work with a tablet! I can’t even figure out my pin for this site

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      That sounds different than the issue I had. You probably have researched this to death already, but here is a link that might help.


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      Thanks,KC.  I think it is same problem.  I don’t have options to put in pin since I tried safemode and can’t use any password to get in.  I’ll try your link in morning.   I just can’t do anymore research tonight. Karla. Maybe then i can at least figure out how to sign in to this program

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      Im afraid I don’t know what BBCodes are.



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