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    We have one Win 11 Pro PC (Alienware laptop) that was a warranty replacement, thus giving us the dreaded downgrade to Win 11.  To make it less unusable (so far few new features are of use to us, while we miss ones that are gone), I added Start11.  The laptop is used by my adult daughter, but yep, I maintain it.

    I can’t stand PINNED apps because they mix in with open apps.  I’ve long used QuickLaunch which works quite well in Win 10 Pro 22H2 for the apps I use the most.  But tool bars are not included in Win 11, nor in Start11.

    Any thoughts on finding a way to get tool bars back that doesn’t involve kludges, etc.?  Or any way to influence the Start11 developers?



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      Unfortunately, Start11 indeed doesn’t support toolbars in the Windows taskbar. However, I believe that a similar product, StartAllBack, does support toolbars in the taskbar.

      There are some StartAllBack customers on this forum; maybe one of them can confirm whether they can use it to create taskbar toolbars in Win11.

      Two other products that you might want to look at are RetroBar and ExplorerPatcher: they might also enable you to make and use toolbars on the taskbar.

      Bear in mind, though, that not all of these programs are compatible with every other one, so you may have to experiment until you come up with a single program or combination that gives you all the features you’re looking for.


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      Another vote for ExplorerPatcher. I used it on my Windows 11 setup on the Acer Swift Go 14. It can bring back the Classic toolbar, which for me is a must. The QuickLaunch bar is one of the things I have on there, and it works as with previous versions of Windows.

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      Yes, StartAllBack does support toolbars on the taskbar.

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      Nice.  A hint to them – they should list this in their features!


      Overall, how does it compare to Start11?  Sooner or later I’ll have to update more PC’s.



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      as a Windows Toolbars user from way, way, WAY back, I find MS’ “removed Toolbars as they posed a Security risk” was downright painful as an excuse for removal…. & likewise, removing the StartMenu back in Win 8 onwards – grrrrrr…. but hey – their call, we got replacements such as Start8 (StarDock), ClassicShell (now OpenShell) etc… and for the most parts – nice… can cope….

      But, when things get pulled from the OS eg: vertical menu, toolbars & so on, then told “we can’t put it back, can’t be done” – double GRRRRR , (sarcasm approaching) it’s not as if they’re a Software Company right? (oh, they are??? then put it back if you took it out – it’s not that hard really) !!!!

      So I’ve used Start8 & Start10 for years, for myself, friends, family, customers and many others, and todate, we’ve all been very pleased.

      However, when Win 11 came out and the Toolbars vanished (don’t get me started re QuickAccess now as a sub feature in Home in Explorer), it became a real reason to hold back from Win11 as I found it wasn’t in Start11 (but at least the myriad of other StartMenu stuff was – & oddly, MS were able to alter the TaskBar position suddenly not long after too – odd that…)….

      I’ve also used OpenShell (free) for many I assist, but then came Win11 and vanished ToolBars…. and not in OpenShell or Start11 (as was an OS feature removal, separate to the StartMenu) so again find myself as still not wanting to go Win 11…..

      Of course in 2025, we’ll all be forced to lose features (unless 3rd Parties address, because we know MS likely won’t, or as another elsewhere commented, will bring back as awe listenedappeasement) to be “supportable“….

      Ok, so to Start 11, in the released version 1, no – no toolbars….

      However (not checked on a working machine), but according to the Forum at StarDock,  https://forums.stardock.com/523496/introducing-start11-v2, v 2 of Start11 appears to have Pinned Folders (aka ToolBars, but not called that in the Product listing, they really should call it Pinned Folders/ToolBars and people wanting Toolbars, will soon take notice)…..

      The forum also suggests some issue with V2, but it will get ironed out…..

      If the Pinned Folders work as expected, then hey, that could almost get me towards Win11 possibly ok…. that is, bar the MS A/c requirement & also having to ditch my otherwise good enough (but not for Win11 requirements) hardware for new stuff …..



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