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    I am using Win10, 1909. I read my AT&T, Yahoo e-mail in the Firefox browser. I use the Yahoo Calendar that Yahoo provides. I have it set up so that the day’s agenda from the Yahoo calendar shows up when I click on the time/date in the right-hand corner of the Win10 Task Bar. If I click on some other day in the Win10 calendar, the events that have been set in the Yahoo calendar show up.

    If I make changes to the Yahoo calendar, those changes are reflected in the Win10 calendar. The syncing takes some time, but eventually the Win10 calendar syncs with the Yahoo calendar.

    However, when I make changes to the Win10 calendar, they do not show up in the Yahoo calendar. It is supposed to work both ways — changes to one are supposed to be reflected in the other. But, I find that it works only one way — changes in the Yahoo Calendar are reflected in the Win10 calendar, but not the other way around.

    Does anyone have any idea how to make the syncing work in the other direction — i.e., changes in the Win10 calendar get changed in the Yahoo calendar?

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