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    I too updated win 10 22H2 yesterday and it all works well… except:

    PC downloads via Ethernet cable as expected at 900 mbps but upload speed is near zero at 0.3 mbps. Dropbox won’t make an upload at that speed; even after 1 hour.

    If I also connect via WiFi, download and upload are about same.

    But, if I disconnect wired and only use WiFi, I get my typical download speed but now (good news) I get upload speeds of the expected 20mbps.

    It is a Dell x8930 PC and Dell says H/W OK and no obvious S/W problem. Next is to run a MS diagnostic check and, if that fails, re-install Windows (ughh never do that?)

    Question: any others reporting similar upload problems? Any “easy” fix, like uninstall a particular update, or is there another update to fix this problem? Or do I have to wait for a fix to arrive in a future update?

    Meanwhile, as a work around, I’ll stay in WiFi connected mode.

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      Software problems should not normally have such half-sided effects on wired network connections.  I suspect a coincidental problem with the cable connected to the computer.  First try reversing the end that goes to the router and the one to the computer (reverse the whole cable).  If that does not help I would try another cable.

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      It’s often the simple basics that fix issues so, if you haven’t already done this, shut down your computer and unplug the modem and router. Restart the modem, then the router and, once they are synced up, boot your computer and test your connection speeds.

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        Yes, tried all of that several times, no effect/change.

        Using any Ethernet cable, in any combination, kills uploads.

        Now using WiFi only is a solid solution (workaround).

        My laptop, wired to same router with same win10 22H2 update, installed the same day (but likely different patches), works fine wired and/or WiFi. So it’s not the router or cables, it’s my desktop PC but H/W tests show nothing wrong/broken.

        I’m hoping a future Win10 update ‘magically’ resolves the problem.

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          IPV6 can sometimes cause this exact issue where Ethernet speeds are slow but WiFi speeds are normal (or vice versa).

          Try disabling Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPV6) for the Ethernet adapter on your Desktop and see if that fixes the speed issue?

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      I believe the March update caused problems, my printer wouldn’t respond to a PC command after the update. I uninstalled the update and things returned to normal.

      Now I don’t know whether I’d have the same problem if I reinstalled the update; I don’t want to take a chance.

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