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    Full details coming in InfoWorld
    [See the full post at: Win10 Creators Update now available – and you don’t want it]

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      Should we make this a thread about the specific problems brave early testers have found with it?

      So far I have only had a few glitches in the first couple of days that I caused myself, by trying to trim things out of it that are actually necessary.

      As a user only interested in desktop operation (no mobile), the things I’ve found with the Creator’s Update that seem less than stellar are:

      • I didn’t find anything in the included Apps that I want or am impressed with, so I removed them all.
      • My favorite 3rd party tools that use undocumented interfaces to do things like re-theme the desktop don’t yet work. That’s not surprising, though certainly a downside to taking new releases of the OS every 8 months.
      • If you didn’t just use the prior version exactly as delivered out-of-the-box, it NEEDS re-tweaking. Apps are reinstalled, jobs are rescheduled, services are re-enabled, and some privacy settings are reverted.

      I really haven’t yet detected any fundamental problems, and I HAVE been able to make it completely private using the same techniques that worked on earlier releases.

      Performance-wise, so far after trimming it way down to desktop only operation, as I have with all prior versions, I have found it’s a few percent slower at most basic things and uses 15% more RAM than its predecessor. Other than a few glitches I caused early on, it seems quite stable for me so far.

      I have 80 processes running using 1.24 GB to support an idle desktop. 10 of those processes are those I’ve added to augment Windows and provide various functions I require of a desktop system (Classic Shell, Sphinx Firewall, WizMouse, Tortoise SVN, various processes to support VMware virtual machine operation). This compares to 42 processes (11 of which were my tools) and 1.06 GB for Windows 10 version 1607 build 14393.latest.

      I haven’t tested everything I do with Windows with the new version yet; that’s ongoing.



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      Strangely here its, (Win10Prox64) is humming away in a “Native Boot” VHD, showing no major problems thus far. Couple of points only GPEDIT settings have changed a bit but still work.


      Blocking Drivers with GPEDIT, errm well after setup they still get downloaded. I will have to wait if there any re-issues for drivers that gets blocked. Windows update GUI settings seem to be working so far (set on 8 days)  One issue with Defender signature update that seemd to resolve with time (affected 1607 Ver. as well) but still at Ver. 15063.00 So really disturbingly quiet as of now (before the storm perhaps?)

      Basically I wouldnt rush and download  it right now just bide your time and watch these “Hallowed” pages for the latest “scuttlebutt” as there’s sure to be some and its still a week away from Patch Tuesday.

      A “double wammy” updates and release day (albeit, apparently, staged) M$ sure likes living dangerously. 😉

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      Well after reading the disclosure from Microsoft about what it collects in telemetry in Windows 10. It has made me pause as to how much longer I can accept what Microsoft is providing. I’m pretty accepting at sharing telemetry for product improvement, but the full telemetry by default in Win 10 is disturbing even to myself someone who is for providing some useful data. Microsoft appears to assume a lot of liberty over data collection by default which for many users is probably what they will choose or ignore that they have a choice to share less. The default setting should be basic or minimal data telemetry which would provide Microsoft enough information to work with bugs, crashes, and development. The full setting appears very intrusive and will likely not make privacy advocates happy.

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      when exactly did they push the creators update into Microsoft’s Update Assistant page ? i did an  installation media USB flash drive last sunday to have 1607 ISO file  incase they killed 1511 support that am currently on

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        April 5 – I downloaded the Windows 10 Update Assistant tool around 12:50PM pacific time on 4/5 and it was the Creators Update version

        I may try a “direct” upgrade on an old machine using Win10 v1511 to Win10 v1703 (yes, the 1703 Creators update should work with ANY licensed/activated build of Windows 10 – I can leapfrog between builds)

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      I clean installed Windows 10 v1703 and have found it to be solid and responsive.  The continuing problem I have is the start menu comes up but is grayed out and unusable, though right click still works.  I use Start Menu 8 from IOBit so it is a minor problem.

      Have not had any problems or even hiccups apart from the start menu.

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      Just a heads up: the Education edition now includes Cortana.

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      If you happen to be on a Home version of Windows 10, AND happen to have a DD-WRT firmwared router. It appears that in my case (Or more precisely: Windows) I am unable to do updates once I enabled “block activeX” on the firewall.

      There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x8024402f)

      Fix Windows Update Errors by Letting ActiveX Traffic Through
      Feb 18, 2010 – Enter it in the URL bar of your preferred web browser. Click on the “Security” tab, and look for a checkbox labelled “Filter ActiveX.” Uncheck the box. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Apply Settings” button

      This is not something I wish to open at the moment, so i’ll just leave in place and see just how it affects the the remaining attached devices on my LAN.

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        I might also add that this did not affect Windows Defender from obtaing updates.

        Thanks for this blog Woody. One if not the only blog I read first and often.

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          Windows Defender can get its updates itself, outside of the Windows Update process.

          For example, it’s possible to have the Windows Update service disabled and stopped and Windows Defender will still get updates directly via a component called MpCmdRun.exe.

          That’s a nice feature, IMO.


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            ^That User is THANKED for every POST^

            I’ve read many of your post and enjoy the effort you contribute to you LAN as well as find time to make your contributions here so vivid.

            I added my comment knowing I had read your comment elsewhere and just wanted to let peps know that it is also not affected by disabling ActiveX via a router’s firewall; which I expected to be different than just having (LOL.. like “just” describes any details.. laughing as self) WU disabled or crippled by various third party options.

          • #107214

            For how long?


            Not to mention the temptation to use it for nefarious purposes.

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            Noel, I believe you once stated Windows 10 utilized drives more aggressively (thrashing) than previous versions of Windows. Is this still true?

            • #107740

              I don’t recall saying it was thrashing, but it’s entirely likely that a full out-of-box Windows 10 uses the disks more and more often simply because it’s laden with bunches of additional software right out of the box. Just look at the number of scheduled jobs, for example, not to mention the large number of services.

              I have been trimming Windows down forever. Even with an aggressive approach, I’ve found this newest version can’t be made quite as trim, or have quite as much idle time when the desktop is empty.

              I’ve yet to do objective comparative benchmarks, simply because of a lack of hours in the day.


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        So I DuckDuck’ed ActiveX and laughed out loud.  How many of Woody’s posters have called MS Update malicious?  Bunches!!  Hoisted by their own petard.


        • ActiveX — Check the ActiveX checkbox to block all ActiveX web elements. ActiveX is a plugin developed by Microsoft to improve a browsing experience. This setting can prevent malicious ActiveX plug-ins from harming network devices.

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      In my opinion all software is continually under development.  I don’t hold back on any version of Windows, and am running RS3 right now.  I definitely like the Creator’s Update, and it runs very well.  Sure, there will be updates to fix things, but this always is the case.  All-in-all I see no reason to hold back from this update or any updates.

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      Dear Woody and Friends,

      I guess I waited one day too late to get Windows 10 build 1703.  Dangit.

      I got a new (old, refurbished) backup computer a couple weeks ago and let time get away from me.  It’s running Windows 7 Pro.

      I fear that if I download Windows 10 Pro from – https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 – that it will give me the Creators Update version.

      After combing the Lounge and the InfoWorld articles, this is the only download link that I could find.  Is there any possible way to still get build 1703 from either Microsoft or another legit download site?  I have an ISO (downloaded in late February) for the Home version, but I want/need Pro to put on my new (old) backup computer.

      Thanks so much in advance for either directing me to a download or telling me to not bother with looking for one!

      Windows 7 HP SP1 64-bit, Group B

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      Bobby, that’s a real treasure trove!  Thank you!

      My only problem is that I need Windows 10 Professional, and I don’t see it here.  It says at the very bottom that version 1607, build 14393 is Redstone 1 (either ID 244 or 246, about 70% down the page, taking note to avoid the “N” version 245) … but it doesn’t say that it’s the Professional edition.  I’d imagine that means it’s Home Premium?  When I click on the link for Single Language English, it only offers either 64-bit or 32-bit, with no word about Home, Pro, Enterprise:  https://mdl-tb.ct8.pl/get.php?skuId=3967

      All of the others listed as build 14393 are various “insider previews” which I don’t want, and none of them are the Professional edition anyway.

      Is there a way to know before I download which edition I’m getting —  Home, Professional, Enterprise, or one of the specialty editions?  Professional is what I need for my Windows 7 Professional computer.

      Thank you so much for any further info!

      Windows 7 HP SP1 64-bit, Group B

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        Sorry about that 🙁 yeah theres a ton of them in there and rather than get you in to a large download for nothing I can well understand. Most of them have a 1 to 4 of indices in them but to be able to select on install requires a bit of work.

        current new release 1703 with M$ iso maker
        The new current version is 1703 as in the enclosed.

        If you need the previous version which would be 1607 and before that would be 1511 and before 1507. 1607=redstone 1 1511=threshold 2 (didvided in to different vers) 1507=threshhold 1. Daym confused my self here trying to get this right, any way heres a couple of links these should enable you to get the right version, same deal with these as above only a more precise way of getting the exact match.


        Hope this helps 🙂

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      The Windows 10 Creator update is still buggy. My machine crashed after doing a routine in July 2017 of the Windows 10 Creator update which fried my boot files (boooo!). This required that I take the machine to two computer repair companies because the first were unable to repair as they didn’t have the correct screwdriver or the MSATA adaptor to backup my files and access my SSD drive.

      The second company did and $130 and two weeks later the machine is running Win 10 again after having to reinstall all my programs. I was unable install Win 7 because the machine would not permit it to be installed which is a shame.

      How do I prevent this from happening again when installing the next buggy corrupted Windows update?

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        If you are using Windows 10 release 1607, you can set the wireless connection to metered so nothing will download, if you need to use your wired network windows 10 will start downloading updates.

        If they shop reloaded 1703 on your computer you are able to set the wireless & wired connection to metered, you also have some control of deferring the updates. As seen in screenshots of the 1703 posted, windows says it will automatically download updates that have been deemed important.

        The necessary tool to use for 1511 & 1607 is this WuShowHide, it isn’t mentioned that the tool will work with version 1703. Here is Woody’s guide to operate the weirdly effective tool, the nearly year old information is still relevant now. I hope this can help you.

      • #126047

        Don’t run windows 10?

        Also why do they need tools to backup your files? Just boot Linux from a CD or USB and copy the files to a USB drive (ext HD or flash drive depending on how much data). No tools required.

        What model of computer is it?

      • #126082


        How do I prevent this from happening again when installing the next buggy corrupted Windows update?

        From experience, it is recommended to do a clean install of Win 10 through the Media Creation Tool for Version upgrades or feature updates. But I think M$ have recently recommended otherwise, ie they prefer users to wait for the Win 10 upgrade notification to appear on their computers through Windows Update and then apply it, eg for M$ to detect any hardware incompatibility and block the upgrade.
        … It is always more dicey downloading, decompressing and installing a huge 2.0+GB Win 10 ISO file for a Version upgrade over the Internet, eg bits and packets of data can get lost over the Internet.

        In comparison, we can do a Hash or checksum verification for the downloaded Win 10/3.0+GB ISO file stored on our computer before proceeding with the install.
        … When burning the ISO file to a DVD, it is recommended to use a burning speed of 4X or less in order to prevent burning errors. I use 2X = takes longer time to complete the burning.

        Personally, I do not tolerate being dictated by M$ that I must upgrade their Win 10 OS twice a year or once a year and suffer the hassles, just to satisfy their hunger for more profit$ or Planned Obsolescence. I prefer the Win 7 OS model which has been stable for years, similar to Win 10 Ent LTSB or Linux LTS.
        … Most of the new features in new Win 10 Versions are just toys or gimmicks that are not essential to users.

        How does your machine prevent Win 7 from being installed while permitting Win 10 to be installed.?

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