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    Four Programs that will stop/delay Windows10 Home updates (really)
    These four programs allow you to block/delay Windows 10 Home version from automatically updating, all links lead directly to the developers websites.
    Using these Stop/Resume programs are as easy as 1,2,3, and they take very little time to download, install or activate.

    1: Download program (less than 1 minute) ~2Mb max
    2: Install program (another 2~3 minutes, 5 tops)
    3: Click on program (Really? how long could that possibly take)

    The focus is on blocking/delaying updates for Windows10 Home until bugs have been worked out by those oh-so-kind seekers, inner tube players and others. Programs offer “on demand” functions other than just blocking Windows updates. I include bits from each developers website on functionality, and any caveats the developer has cited. Get details by clicking on highlighted links.

    Upgrading to Windows10 Pro to delay updates costs $100US. The ROI on that investment is almost nonexistent, imho. Changing connection settings to metered might work, msc changes revert to default and digging into your registry to do things you may goof up or forget later is always a bad idea, and just might inflict the wrath of a Windows god upon you if not done correctly. “What a fine mess you’ve gotten us into this time Ollie.”

    Windows10 Home users have been stuck with piecemeal update delaying approaches forever. Why hasn’t someone made an App to do this? Ahhh, but the App maker Angels are coming to our rescue, and for FREE! [You can always donate]. In no particular order here are four programs that take the worry out of delaying Windows updates for Win10 Home users. Small, safe, and easy to use.  If Windows update blocking/delaying were any easier, someone else would have to be doing it for you.

    Windows Update Blocker v1.1

    It’s Portable and supports operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (3264-bit).
    Zipped DL (hence the 5 minutes)


    Created by Sordum, just one click stops Windows update services until you enable it again to allow updates. It has drop down menus with options for other functions. Use it to block/delay other buggy programs (Office anyone?) from updating by following the instructions on the website.
    A comment from the developer on program updates:
    [From Author, March 2, 2019]
    “As I mentioned before we have coded this software for us and we use it therefore we will update it if needed”


    Systems supported:
    Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32/64-bit, Windows Home is supported!
    Portable, separate download version available on website.
    Known Issues:
    BitDefender, Total security and Checkpoint ZoneAlarm block access to the registry for StopUpdates10.


    *NOTE*  Work around instructions for ZA are on website should you be so inclined. If you don’t use any AV/firewall mentioned, the program does what it claims it will do right out of the box. This program doesn’t change settings or permissions on your computer, instead it samples update requests and blocks them as they appear. Maybe the ‘Update Guard’ is why the mentioned AV/firewalls have problems with it. Windows Defender or Malwarebytes Pro had no issues with this program.

    In Version 2.5.55
    One click to disable/enable updates. Additionally, you can just ‘Pause’ updates with this program.
    Pause updates until 2099 if you care to. This stops the installation of updates but allows Windows to download them. This function can be reset and used again. 1 click for this function.
    It claims to disable Windows 7-8 ‘End of support’, ‘End of Service’ nags, and stop Get Windows 10 (GWX) notifications. I use Win10 Home, don’t have proof.
    It doesn’t stop Windows Defender from updating.

    WinUpdateStop v1.4

    Win Update Stop v1.4, (2Mb)


    Pardon the haphazard update to the program’s screen image, I grepped what was on the website.

    Website says with this program you can:

    Permanently disable/enable automatic Windows Updates.
    Find out if the Windows Updates are enabled or disabled in your PC.
    Check for Windows Updates, it opens the Windows Update App.
    This tool works on all Windows OS versions from Windows XP to Windows 10.
    Run the program via command-line with /disableupdates or /enableupdates if you want.

    *NOTE* I haven’t used this program but it looks looks like it accomplishes the same end result the other 1,2,3 programs. It appears to be a single function, block/unblock program. Thanks to @lord loos for the heads up on this program.


    Version 1.6.1401, File size 886KB.
    Portable, Supports all Windows 10 versions up to 1809 (Redstone 5)
    Latest Version released, 01/30/2019

    Unlike the others, this is and isn’t a 1,2,3 program (okay, so I lied), It does offer more control to the user than just delaying/blocking Windows updates. Sliding the on/off selector on any optional control function is pretty easy. It displays a question mark when you mouse over a function, clickable for more info. Sure makes selecting on/off decisions easier for us dummies. I like the option to block or not to block Windows telemetry elements one by one, or all at once. This small program offers the user a lot of choices. The “Actions” drop down menu is self explanatory. Telemetry blocking programs will be in a later post.


    Thanks to @microfix for this gem.

    My final word (some lawyer made me include this.) While I have used all the programs mentioned but @lord koos suggestion, there is no guarantee you will be satisfied with any of them, or that they will work for you at all. These, on the outside edge computer program enhancements are a trial by error endeavor, if you endeavor to try them, any problems are your error. Everyone I used did what they said they do … for me.

    If you know of other programs, post ’em so they can be added to the Tool base.

    [_] <—-Put all  arrows and other sharp object in the box please.

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      Just tried the first one, Windows Update Blocker 1.1. I assume it works because when I tried to check my update history, no list appeared below Update history. That was a bit of a shock that you might have warned us about! (The history list came back when I re-enabled the service.)

      I subsequently got a blank screen in the Update settings page (?) with a yellow message about services being turned off, but I can’t repeat it and the normal first “Windows Update, You’re up to date. Last checked . . .” page appears.

      Trusting your advice and that the program will work, I’ve un-metered my Internet connection. Or should I leave the metered connection setting on?

      I tried the O&O program a long time ago. I think it worked but it offered TMI and too many choices I didn’t know what to do with. Maybe its Help pages are better now, but I think I’m happier with a KISS program that does just the one thing I need.


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      • #494773

        Trusting your advice and that the program will work, I’ve un-metered my Internet connection. Or should I leave the metered connection setting on?

        The whole purpose the post was to provide links to programs that will block updates in Windows 10 Home versions. I agree KISS is best if you don’t need or want extra features. O&O, while not real complicated, does offer way more than just blocking updates. I used StopUpdate10 first and later switched to O&O.

        I got tired of hearing the “only way” was fiddling around with settings and crossing your fingers for Home users. Or paying M$ $100 to delay updates. Why fiddle when one click on, one click off does the trick. Everywhere I searched for HOME came the promise to block updates until 1/2 way through the article, then PRO versions only reared it’s head.

        In my personal use I haven’t changed settings back to default, the less you tinker with, the less problems (hopefully) you will have. If you really are on a metered connection, I would leave it that way.

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        • #508761

          Thanks. As it happens, I have an un-metered connection, so I’m leaving that setting off, the default position, and counting on WUB 1.1 to shut down updates. For one thing, OneDrive sincs normally instead of sending me messages that my connection is metered and Click to sinc. Now, if I could only figure out how to use OneDrive for strictly backup and not move any files off my pc to the cloud, and all without duplicating folders all over the place, I’d be a happy camper!

          Added discovery: WUB is even more thorough than I mentioned earlier. After turning on my pc this morning and responding here, I thought I’d see if the update history page was still blank and discovered that except for the “Windows Update” heading, the entire page is blank. Logical, I suppose, if whatever is involved in the service is shut down but still a bit unsettling . . .

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      Nice quartet, Bluetrix 🙂 I’ve used ShutUp10 for telemetry control for a while, very easy and useful. Since I haven’t had any Windows 10 problems since 2016, I don’t block any updates—when something does go wrong, my disk images will have me back in action in 30 minutes.

      other buggy programs (Office anyone?)

      I can’t remember the last time I had a serious Office bug, probably not this decade. Then again, I only use Word, Excel, Access & Outlook regularly—oh and Skype, which is MS’s worst product by far imo.

      Over on Windows Secrets, I believe the Office section was the busiest. I don’t recall any ongoing buggy Office complaint stream, it was mostly ‘how do I?’ traffic.

      Alienware Aurora R6; Win10 Home x64 1803; Office 365 x32
      i7-7700; GeForce GTX 1060; 16GB DDR4 2400; 1TB SSD, 256GB SSD, 4TB HD

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        I can’t remember the last time I had a serious Office bug, probably not this decade.

        I forget where I read “Office anyone”, but it was in an article I read. My inclusion was a “for instance”, not “as in”. It was to show program updates other than Windows 10 Home updates could be blocked using the program, that would be Windows Update Blocker v1.1

        I can’t say MSOffice ever had buggy update issues, I use Libre Office for my home/personal use, it covers all my needs in that department.

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      I use windows Update Blocker 1.1 and have metered set also,because as soon as you enable the update service to run wushowhide I have had Windows check for and start to update, although not every time. Leaving metered on gives you that extra security buffer. I would also add that you do not want to use WUB to block other services other than just Windows Update Service as it messes up the registry and disabling WUB will not return those other services to normal and you cannot reset them manually as it won’t let you. If you want to use it to block other services, be sure you have a registry backup handy. I have never had a problem using it to block just the WUS and it works great.

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    • #1862375

      Two of these programs have updates.

      Windows Update Blocker  Version 1.3

      StopUpdates10  Version: 2.5.61


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